Board meeting agenda for 1/8/08

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Click here for the GCS Board meeting agenda for Tuesday, 1/8/07.

Of interest:

* Research Plan and Design: Comprehensive Study for Male African American Educational Conditions and Academic Performance
At the meeting of January 8, 2008, a discussion will be held regarding a study for male African American educational conditions and academic performance. If you have questions regarding this item, please contact Chairman Duncan at 378-5315, prior to the meeting.


Let’s rewind back to the GCS Board meeting on October 25, 2007, where a group of concerned men representing several prominent black churches in Greensboro demanded the Board address this question:

“What are the strategies this Board will use to combat rising suspension and dropout rates and to increase academic achievement for male black students?”

Seems from the language coming out of GCS that some sort of study will commence to answer this very question.

I said back in October that I support these gentlemen, whose churches have existing mentoring programs in place. I also said I eagerly await this discussion. Everyone needs to be involved and this dialogue cannot be one-sided.

Ought to be an interesting meeting.

E.C. 🙂


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