School Board candidate E.C. Huey mentioned in Jamestown News article

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Kudos to our friend Ogi Overman, for the brief mention in this Jamestown News article back in early December, in discussing the nearly-half-a-billion-dollar GCS bond referendum, which is on its way to the County Commissioners to be scheduled for a possible May vote.

An excerpt:

Erik Huey, an Adams Farm resident and candidate for the school board, is concerned that there is no alternative funding source in case the bond fails.

At the public forum held at JMS Nov. 28, Huey remarked, “There’s been no discussion of what happens if the bond fails. I would urge the board to reconsider sending us a bond that is likely to crash and burn. Build the school and build it now. Show the community you are committed to our children.”

The Board of Education is not a funding body and is precluded by law from spending any taxpayer dollars to campaign for the bond referendum. That task will fall on some yet-unformed group of civic and business leaders.

“Board members can speak on the topic and promote the bond at their own expense,” said District 5 representative Anita Sharpe, “but no public money can be spent. Any advertising must be raised from outside sources. Normally someone from the business community will head up a bond committee to work toward its passage. They’ll line up a speakers’ bureau to try to educate the public on the importance of getting these new schools built.”

They have their work cut out for them.


My complete remarks from that evening can be found here.

E.C. 🙂


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