Press release: Huey’s six-part plan for addressing school violence

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JAMESTOWN/ADAMS FARM (9 January 2008) – Guilford County 2008 School Board at-large candidate Erik “E.C.” Huey today unveiled a simple six-part plan for dealing with school safety and school violence.

In response to recent high-profile, newsworthy incidents on several Guilford County School campuses over the last few months that have interrupted classroom instruction, the candidate said his plan “provides real solutions to real problems.”

“This plan I’m unveiling today addresses the violence and the fights. It includes preventative measures and it is inclusive of both the symptom and the problem,” Huey said today. “This plan helps to make school safety a priority for GCS.”

Huey’s plan includes the following:

1. Audit, examine and strengthen existing school rules. Enforce the rules GCS has on the books and enforce them uniformly across all schools.

2. Conduct an internal audit all of GCS’ existing alternative environments: In-school suspension, SCALE, etc., to determine their effectiveness (or ineffectiveness). Strengthen these programs where necessary.

3. Expulsions for serious offenses.

4. Examination of the “Charlotte model.” Specifically, it is looking at a unique alternative program Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has, which they call 10-day/30-day “suspension centers,” to determine their effectiveness and see what can be duplicated here in Guilford County.

5. Expand partnerships with area churches and other local faith-based organizations.

6. Audit and examine miscellaneous programs GCS has to combat school violence: keep what’s working, toss out what’s not working.

Huey’s plan also includes keeping school resource law enforcement officers, adding and expanding closed-circuit camera surveillance systems in schools, and ensuring parents and teachers are part of any changes, through school PTSAs and school leadership committees.

The candidate referred to an upcoming final report with recommendations by the GCS School Climate Task Force, which may touch on some of these changes, and if it doesn’t, Huey’s plan will, he said.

“If the Task Force’s final report is non-inclusive of any of these items, then GCS is not properly addressing school violence. No longer can our school system provide lip-service to this issue. We need to provide a safe environment for our children and our teachers, so that learning can continue uninterrupted,” Huey said.

Huey, 36, is an unofficial candidate for the 2008 at-large position on the Guilford County Board of Education and will officially file for the position when the filing period begins in February. More information about his candidacy, positions, published statements and blog can be found on his official campaign website:


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