San Diego Watch: Confirmed–Grier MAY be outta here


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Thanks to my friend Pierce for the heads-up on this…The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting in this morning’s early editions that the San Diego Unified School District is looking seriously at Supt. Terry Grier as its next school chief.

If Grier is offered the job, he will take over from the recently-retired Dr. Carl Cohn.

San Diego’s school board is expected to meet in a closed session today to continue its internal discussions.

Folks, it is very likely that when their board emerges from talks today, they may offer him the job.

Let me give you some excerpts from the U-T article:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. More than three weeks after it hoped to make a decision on a new superintendent, the San Diego school board appears to be focusing its attention on North Carolina educator Terry Grier, who has headed that state’s third-largest district since 2000.

The board of the San Diego Unified School District has held scores of closed-door meetings to interview and discuss candidates since November, and it’s scheduled to meet privately again today.

Trustees have refused to divulge any names, much less who the front-runners are, fearing that disclosure would hurt the applicant pool.

However, Grier has said he interviewed for the San Diego job. School board members visited Guilford County last month to assess his track record.

Grier said he has not been offered the job but declined to discuss whether any negotiations have taken place.

“I am one of four or five candidates they are considering,” he said.


Let me say this, for the record…on multiple occasions over the past month since this has been in the news, I’ve gotten several hits on this site from within the San Diego Unified Schools’ computer networks (I appreciate you visiting, by the way). And from within the SDUSD, visitors have been accessing past blog postings on my previous coverage of Grier.

Here’s another interesting excerpt:

Terrina Picarello, president of the Guilford County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, said San Diego trustees Shelia Jackson and Katherine Nakamura discussed with parents programs Grier has started.

“Mrs. Nakamura just flat said, ‘We are very interested in your superintendent,’ ” Picarello said.

Even though there are two other so-called finalists, Grier seems to be the favorite.

This story may be developing today…we’ll keep you posted.


UPDATE, 1/11/08, 12:48PM: My news source in the San Diego area tells me through e-mail that in fact, the SD school board WILL make its decision today.

Stay tuned for further updates…


UPDATE, 1/11/08, 4:32PM: I guess not. Actually, no news is no news.

News & Record reports late this afternoon that the San Diego School Board emerged from their closed session with no decision nor any announcement as of yet. I’m learning through the wires here that they will meet again late next week in another closed session.

So we still have Grier…at least for the time being. I’ll keep you posted if there are any developments.

E.C. 🙂


12 Responses

  1. E.C., if he is offered the job, do you think the school board should rush to offer him a raise to prevent him from leaving, as they did the last time?

  2. NO! Thousand-times no…for God’s sakes, let him go into that good night gracefully.

    As I’ve been saying, the best thing our Board could do is simply let him go, wish him well, appoint an interim chief from within and do nothing until after the elections. That way, with a new Board, we can approach this search from a different angle and a fresh perspective.

  3. Agreed 100%

  4. It is unreal that this man is making $372,000 (salary and benefits) as reported by the News & Record this morning. And you just wait, if Grier does leave (Please God!) the N&R will be crying and moaning about losing such a dedicated public servant. And they’ll trot out all his supposed “accomplishments,” which are nothing more than window dressing. Nothing more than feel-good stats that show what a great administrator Grier is and how much he cares about the students of Guilford County. Ask any teacher and they will tell you he cares about anything but. And they’ll tell you that anonymously because they fear for their jobs if they cross this man. Terry Grier is a second-rate intellect with no real talent save for self-aggrandizement. Back up the van. Bon Voyage.

  5. Spoken like a true saint, John. Welcome aboard, glad you’re here!

  6. John,

    In addition to that $372,000 haul he gets here for very few actual contributions, Grier also is gone much of the time on consulting and speaking gigs. His contract allows him to do that at his pleasure. It has been estimated that he makes an additional $200,000 per year doing this. Not a bad moonlighting job. He is easily the highest paid government official in this county. It’s not clear why he would want to take another job making essentially the same money, and where he has to work much harder.

  7. To make matters worse, most of the of the school board members do not even know when he is gone on consulting and speaking trips, or that he is doing them. Supposedly, he informs Alan Duncan, but Duncan rarely, if ever, informs the full board of his activities.

  8. Here’s a genuine question: Do we really need to pay nearly $400,000 per year to find a competent school administrator? Isn’t there someone — anyone? — locally who could do the same job for a lot less money?

    It seems like school boards all across the country have gotten caught up in this “Keeping up with the Joneses” mentality when it comes to hiring superintendents. Many of them seem to be hired guns who jump from one job to the other, chasing the big bucks from one state to the next, with no real attachment to the community.

    I understand that being superintendent is a tough job and he or she deserves a fair salary. But I bet that if we looked hard enough, we could find a good person right here in Guilford County who could do just fine. And I bet they could do it for a whole lot less money.

  9. And JS, that is exactly what I support…looking either from within, or close-by…someone with homegrown talent. I don’t support this being turned into a nationwide circus spectacle.

  10. First of all, we should all speak WELL of Terry Grier (after all, we want San Diego to think well of him, don’t we? (DON’T WE?)

    Secondly, I’ll gladly take on the job of superintendent for half of what they paid Grier. My qualifications? I homeschooled my children and they turned out wonderfully. My son (labeled by Guilford County Schools as uneducable in math) is now working in a retail store and recently got a promotion to shift supervisor (meaning he can handle money, making deposits, hmm, need math skills for that) and my daughter graduated two years early with a 4.33 GPA and is now attending a small private college and doing very well academically and socially. I know how to manage a budget and cut costs. And I have more than a clue about drugs, gangs, violence, sex, teen pregnancy, and the other problems plaguing our children… and what to do about them. Think the school board’ll hire me?

    Interestingly, every time I type TG’s last name, I misspell it as “Grief”. Well, we’ll all grieve him when he goes off to San Diego (won’t we?)


  11. Kathi, you undertook a monumental task of homeschooling. You are to be commended. I believe Grier’s possible exit, combined with this year’s elections and possible bond defeat, will be the golden opportunity to dig our heels in and make some real changes.

  12. EC, I’m not sure I would have done it, if it were not for the conditions we encountered in GCS.

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