High Point SCALE on schedule (HPE)

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(credit HPE)

The High Point Enterprise ran a two story piece Monday on High Point’s new SCALE alternative facility, set to open next academic year at the GCS English Road administrative building.

Click here for the main piece.

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An excerpt:

Guilford County Schools has designated $2.9 million in capital outlay dollars in this year’s bud­get to pay for the new facility.
School officials have tossed around the idea of a High Point site for SCALE (School Commu­nity Alternative Learning Envi­ronment) for several years now and are finally making headway in building a site here.
“We need to move expedi­tiously rather than starting over,” Guilford County Board of Education member Dot Ke­arns said during a meeting last week. “We need to move this project along. It has been a long time coming.”
The current High Point SCALE school and the Greens­boro SCALE program are both housed in a former school on Pisgah School Road in Greens­boro. Administrators say the new location will be more con­venient to High Point families.
The school system currently is taking bids from firms to pro­vide construction management services for the project, which would renovate the old Guil­ford County Schools adminis­tration building on W. English Road into classroom space for the new school.

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