Campaign bits: 1/16/08

1. A source close to the GCS Board informs this campaign that they have not heard whether incumbents in the key races will throw their names in the hat and run for reelection (Cooke, Childs, Kearns). This source also has not heard any rumblings as to if anyone else in Guilford County is publicly expressing desire to run for any of the seats. Again, this can only mean either pending announcements of reelection or retirement are imminent or there will be a flurry of announcements right at filing time…only three weeks away!


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 2. I’m happy to announce that we just picked up the support of High Point City Councilman (ward 3) Mike Pugh. In a recent telephone conversation, Councilman Pugh expressed his desire to see change inside GCS and extended the offer to help in any way he could. I very much appreciate the show of support from the Councilman. It shows that this movement to put our children first has gained considerable grass-roots momentum, which will be the key to victory this year.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Excellent about Pugh. What about the other HP council-people?? Bernita??? Stahlman??,, etc.. Where does Mayor Becky stand? At one time they were all interested in education, are they still?

  2. Before you mention Bernita, ask her (and Joe Alston) where’s that lawsuit they were going to file against GCS for getting rid of High Point’s busing?

    And another thing to briefly mention…and I know that Mayor Smothers has been battling illness, but when I was at Andrews, I tried (personally) to get these city hall folks involved in what we were doing there…even just to have them come in my classroom one day. Again, my classes needed to see these people.


    I’m going to work on Bencini and Whitley and Wilkins, and even Strib Boynton; I had extensive interaction with these folks when I was a former city reporter at the Enterprise back in 00-01.

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