Bond Busters: Check this out

The GCS Bond spin machine has opened a site on “” to “educate the voter” on the upcoming school bond.

Here’s the main site.

Here’s the project list.

Here’s the Powerpoint.

Here’s the video.

At a minimum, watch the video, and submit your comments below. They’re going to spin this thing like mad, so be educated and make sure you separate fact from fiction.

E.C. 🙂


Grimsley “Cares”

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A footnote to the difficult situation at Grimsley High School so far this year…a grass-roots group of parents and volunteers has banded together in an attempt to turn things around there, according to Allen Johnson at the News & Record.

On Johnson’s blog, he’s reporting that the group just formed is named Grimsley CARES (which stands for Committed to Actively Reaching Every Student). Here’s a letter Johnson received…and he’s blogging about it too:

Many of you are anxious to get involved with the process of helping Grimsley High School reach its undeniable potential to provide all students with the ability to excel in and out of the classroom. Many of us are feeling that the climate at Grimsley High School must change. Cathy Daniels-Lee and I have joined hands and hearts to create a Grimsley High School Community that CARES.

There are many aspects of our current school climate that need our support: a better understanding of all students’ needs; supporting our teachers’ efforts and helping to improve faculty morale; ensuring a safe campus for all; looking at current discipline procedures and exploring if they are balanced and fair and how discipline procedures can be improved; looking at ways to nurture and educate our students outside of the typical classroom setting; igniting a feeling of school pride campus-wide; and becoming more community-oriented off-campus.

Some of the organizations that are willing to partner with Grimsley High School to date include: Guilford Education Alliance, Black Child Development Institute, Daystar, NC A&T State University, Trinity AME Zion Church, Unity in Greensboro, Greensboro Human Relations Commission, Greensboro Parks & Recreation Department – HOPE Project, Securing Hope Ministries, Genesis Baptist Church, and many concerned parents such as Nancy Winborn, Gay Brogden, Patricia Aronson, Bill Tourtellot, Kim Kirkman, Melissa Mitchell, Karen Foster and Beverly Blake Thompson, to name a few.

Various community leaders are preparing to meet with students and their community members from the neighborhoods who have been fighting to look at solutions to end the fighting. We are also looking at ways to support these communities with programs for tutoring, adult GED courses, computer labs and aid with expanding recreation needs.

We are committed to serving all youth at Grimsley High School and ask that you, too, make that commitment. This will require hard work, dedication, care and long-term commitment. We believe that by supporting our youth we will ultimately witness improvements in the overall performance of our students, as well as school climate, safety, discipline and morale improvements. This will require our consistent call of action from our School Board members to urge them to, and to remain constant in, the support of our concerted efforts. It will take all of us to come together and collectively care for our Grimsley community.

We are
GHS Community C.A.R.E.S.- Committed to Actively Reach Every Student,

Valerie Stern, Cathy Daniels-Lee


This is a noble group and I wish them the best of luck, as they have a difficult job ahead of them. If this campaign can be of help, let us know.

E.C. 🙂

Jeff Belton–a conscientious objector on testing GCS Board member Jeff Belton is a conscientious objector of testing.

Wow…who knew.

In response to Blogsboro’s own David Hoggard and his column in yesterday’s News & Record, Belton commented on Hoggard’s blog and says:

 Your condemnation of testing, NCLB and ABC is dead on target. I am anguished by the choices we as a BOE are confined to by these programs. We find ourselves in positions where what seems to be best in addressing the demands of the tests. That is, continuous improvement by all students, towards 100% proficiency by 2014. That 100% goal is not realistically attainable. I do not believe it is possible for all students to be 100% proficient at all subjects. Humans are not perfect. Given that I do not believe this goal to be valid, how do I justify decisions which address the demands of the tests, while giving away the souls of our students. I wish I could just write the check to the GCS and tell the Departent of Education and the N.C. Department of Public
[sic] politely go away.

As for Art and Music time. I will vote for fully restoring instruction time for these subjects. I have heard three other BOE members voice the same sentiment. I thought that we were adding Spanish as an option, not taking time away from other electives. I think we have too much Spanish and not enough global language choices as it is now. I have no doubt that the BOE will restore Music and Art class time in the new year.


Two words…very encouraging.

E.C. 🙂

San Diego Watch: Another Watch Day

Could today be the day?

Later today, we’re expecting another closed session of the San Diego school board to take place. Again, we may have have an announcement on Supt. Terry Grier’s fate once they emerge.

Updates as they come from both downtown and San Diego…

E.C. 🙂

Snowday Makeups

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GCS has just announced makeup days for today’s “snow-day:”

Make-up days for today are:

Hampton Academy – Friday, Jan. 25

GCS middle colleges – Friday, Feb. 15

Schools on the traditional calendar – Monday, Feb. 25 (was originally the President’s Day holiday)

Oak Hill Elementary – Monday, Feb. 25

The Early College at Guilford – Tuesday, March 11

Extended-year schools – No make-up day is needed

EOCs for high schools are still scheduled to roll tomorrow, unless…if there is a weather delay tomorrow, EOCs will begin next Tuesday.

 E.C. 🙂