Bond Busters: Check this out

The GCS Bond spin machine has opened a site on “” to “educate the voter” on the upcoming school bond.

Here’s the main site.

Here’s the project list.

Here’s the Powerpoint.

Here’s the video.

At a minimum, watch the video, and submit your comments below. They’re going to spin this thing like mad, so be educated and make sure you separate fact from fiction.

E.C. 🙂


One Response

  1. Interesting video….I watched it twice and I never did hear the part where they explain why High Point will NEVER get a new school!

    Dot Kearns told me herself exactly why High Point will NEVER get a new school. You would think that such important info would be in the video! Since it’s not, I’ll get you up to speed:

    Dot Kearns, the AT-large school board member who gets easily confused and thinks she’s a board member for just High Point, well she said that High Point could NEVER have a new school until Andrews High School was at capacity—and we all know that will never happen…Dot couldn’t even make it happen by kidnapping kids and forcing them over there.

    So, it a nut shell folks, I don’t buy it. I”m not falling for it–not even for a minute. Why would I support a bond package if my city will never see a new school? Dot wouldn’t lie to me would she?

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