Grier’s Gone: We need to hear from teachers

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. All it takes is one teacher or one GCS staffer out there to begin circulating this post throughout the entire GCS system…

We need to hear from GCS teachers, classified staff, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodial staff…we need to hear from you. Please do not be afraid to speak because now is the time to speak your mind on what you would like to see in a new superintendent.

You can e-mail me direct on or you can respond to this blog post below. You can sign your name or you can remain anonymous (your anonymity will be respected and honored)…but we need to hear from you.

I promise that any and all comments will be forwarded (and hand delivered) to the search committee once one has been put into place.

Please spread the word. Please forward this to any GCS staff member out there.

Thank you.

E.C. 🙂


16 Responses

  1. the first question anyone should ask the new super is will he/she continue with griers expulsion quota? if they are going to continue with this crazy policy, then it does not matter who is brought in. there will be no discipline in the classroom and guilford county children will be at risk.

  2. Expulsion Quota?

  3. oh yes, user. Downtown gets a little upset when too many students are suspended. That anger trickles down all the way from downtown to the front offices of schools to the classrooms. Principals are told regularly in this system not to suspend too many students, thus they pressure teachers into solving the problems “in-house.” Thus, when a teacher writes up a student, 60% of the time, that discipline referral will end up in a black hole. THIS MUST STOP. And it will stop under my watch.

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  5. I agree with the previous poster. In the years I’ve been in GCS, I’ve seen that the only real life lesson our students are learning is that there are no consequences for negative choices. The students are in control and the teachers are powerless.

    On the other hand, I have worked in other systems where even if a sub called the office about a student’s disruption, that student automatically received 3 days ISS. Needless to say, subs were not difficult to find and the schools could even be picky about which subs they used.

  6. Mr. Huey, I know of a situation where as a child in one of the schools was severely beaten, arrested at the scene, convicted of aggravated assault and with a school officer hearing was allowed to remain in school while continuing to threaten the student he had beaten.

    Not only had he beaten the child, but the mother and sister for trying to stop him.

    It was printed in the Rhinoserous Times sometime back, that principals said that they felt their hands were tied because they were instructed not to suspend students “especially black students”, is this true? Or do you know?

    I know that one of the schools recently had a pretty big fight involving weapons and that was squelched despite the fact that kids in the school said there were knives and at least one gun.

    The News and Record reported that there were no weapons, the truth was that the reporter was not allowed to print the story unless the kids were willing to give their names. Would you be willing to give your name if you were in a school like that?

    Further, only 6 of 25 kids were arrested even though it caused 30 police officers to be dispatched to the scene and all of those kids were back in school in less than 10 days. The police were there all day. ALL 25 kids were fighting, so you tell me.

    This is why I was curious about an Expulsion Quota. To my knowledge there are NO expulsions whatsoever, only long term suspensions and even THAT doesn’t happen as it should. I knew nothing about expulsions.

    Kids can bring weapons to school, be seen with them and get ISS or a 3 day suspension. Alot of kids are getting in with gangs for protection, it’s insane.

    This is what the school board and Terry Grier have created.

  7. I find it troubling that the School Board is allowing Terry Grier to remain superintendent for an undetermined amount of time – perhaps until his San Diego contract kicks in on July 1st.

    Grier has made it clear that this community, its schools and its students aren’t a priority. He wants to leave and that’s fine. But he shouldn’t be allowed to hang around as a lame duck and collect six-figure paychecks from Guilford County taxpayers. The School Board should appoint an intermin leader – someone who works for Guilford County, not San Diego – and relieve Dr. Grier of his duties effective immediately.

    Anyone else concerned about the way Dr. Grier’s exit is being handled?

  8. Yep, all pay should stop NOW and he should be allowed extended time to get the hell out!

    Perhaps I’ll just wait until after July 1 to pay my taxes to be certain he doesn’t get a PENNY of my money.

  9. And to be fair, this isn’t just a Terry Grier issue. I don’t think ANY superintendent should continue to be paid if he or she has agreed to take a job in another school system. Once a superintendent agrees to leave, he or she can no longer be an effective leader, in my opinion.

    The people of Guilford County deserve a superintendent whose first and only professional priority is the Guilford County Schools. We don’t need six months or even six days of a lame duck superintendent.

    If Dr. Grier wants to leave, then he should step down immediately. If not, the school board should show some leadership and force his hand.

  10. I agree, he will do nothing more than spend his time looking forward to his new position and working there… from here.

    It’s time for him to leave, now.

  11. If this Expulsion Quota is true this needs to be brought out into the light of day. The LapDog News And Record will not confront Grier on this.

  12. The only real claim-to-fame Dr. Grier has enjoyed here is the reduction of dropouts… but at what cost??? Some kids just don’t belong in school. Some need to be incarcerated. Some need to stay home and be self-taught.

    I will say that I like (some of) the magnet programs, though I’m not sure how much of that can be credited to Grier. I think Weaver was a near ideal arts school before NCLB and incorporation of the CTE students.

    Yes, “Every child can learn.” but that’s only half the truth. The whole truth requires the caveat, “But, not many kids can learn all things.” The popular trend in American education is the opposite of other 1st world countries: generalization of studies. Most (more advanced) countries are having their kids specialize in their teens. In New Zealand, all secondary school courses are electives and they no longer have diplomas. Kids leave school with nothing but a transcript. Prospective employers (who have no faith in diplomas anyway) just look at the the transcript –including attendance data– to determine if the young person is a good candidate for long-term employability.

  13. I want to know if the new superintendent will threaten to fire teachers if they want to question the wisdom/timing/planning of his/her decisions before the school board – as was the case with the Academy at Central.

  14. Not only will I want to know the same thing, HPC, I hope I am able to publicly question what his/her viewpoints are on voicing complaints and whistle-blowing.

    By the way, I want to take a moment and thank all of the teachers and GCS staff (licensed and classified) who’ve commented to this post here and who have written in. Since I put out the call for comments, this post has successfully spread throughout the GCS system and I appreciate that. You all are a very big part of this campaign. Keep the comments coming.

  15. John,
    It’s true alright. The RT was about the only paper in this place that EVER put it on the line and seldom were they challenged.

    When I find time, I’ll bring a few of their archived articles to the forefront for your review.

    If it’s not true, and verifiable, I seriously doubt the RT’s editors are going to allow any of it into print.

    This school district is the most enormous joke known to mankind.

  16. I’m concerned with how frequently administrators are moved around like pawns on a county-wide chessboard. Just when the admin and students get to know one another, he or she is gone. This is just one more significantly unstabilizing factor in an already hoplessly chaotic system.

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