Grier…on Grier

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News & Record did a one-on-one with San Diego Superintendent Terry Grier yesterday…and he admitted (somewhat) that he reads the blogs (I wonder if this one is one of the ones he reads).

Grier on the blogs:

“You look at the good, and you look to the rewards of the position,” he said. “For all the critics and sometimes a few blogs and letters to the editor, they are dwarfed by the number of people in this community who have been supportive.”

Grier on the increasingly-dysfunctional relationship between the School Board and the County Board:

The battle between the school board and the county commissioners on school funding is a long-standing problem that Grier inherited — and will pass on.

He said the boards will have to learn to trust each other because the needs of the district will only increase as a projected 1,500 to 1, 700 new students move to Guilford County each year.

“Seventeen-hundred new students is another high school. It’s two middle schools. It’s three elementary schools,” Grier said. “You think about, who is going to hire the custodians to clean those schools? Who is going to pay for the heating and air conditioning for those schools? Who is going to purchase the textbooks for those 1,700 students?”

Grier on taxing authority:

Grier also supports the movement to allow North Carolina school boards to raise their own tax revenue — a way around the school board having to ask the county commissioners for money.

“I really believe that the time has come in North Carolina for school boards to have the authority to raise taxes and to establish revenues for schools,” Grier said. “We are one of three states in America where boards cannot exercise those options.”


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2 Responses

  1. Where are these legions of supportive citizens Dr. Grier speaks of? I’ve heard of the “silent majority”, but the category of Terry Grier supporters may be described as the “silent, mute and invisible majority.”

    The good Doctor’s true support appears to be limited to the school board, the N&R leadership and the Action Greensboro/big business crowd. Unfortunately, those groups have far more political clout than their numbers would indicate.

    Speaking of the N&R’s editorial board, here’s a direct quote from Allen Johnson on the topic of school discipline:

    “The discipline issue is as much a community problem as it is a schools problem. What should the schools do that they’re not doing? ”

    Unbelievable. Do these guys pay any attention to what’s really going on in our schools?

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