Duncan “thanks” Grier for years of service

http://bjimg.sv.publicus.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Avis=BJ&Dato=20080121&Kategori=NRSTAFF&Lopenr=613623641&Ref=AR&MaxW=146&Border=0 GCS Board chairman Alan “pass the buck” Duncan publicly thanks San Diego Superintendent Terry Grier on behalf of the school board for his “years of service” to the Peoples Republic of Guilford County, this in today’s News & Record:

School board appreciates Grier’s work

The following is a Counterpoint.

 By Alan Duncan

The Guilford County Board of Education would like to wish Superintendent Terry Grier well in his move to lead the San Diego Unified Schools and thank him for his efforts here. We have made great progress with Dr. Grier as superintendent during the past eight years, and we appreciate his efforts to improve the lives of our students.

Dr. Grier is an energetic and dynamic leader. His innovations related to creating schools and programs to serve the diverse needs of our students, his work to reduce the dropout rate and to increase our graduation rate, and his development and execution of the Home Field Advantage and Mission Possible programs are particularly noteworthy.

As Dr. Grier departs, we are extremely confident in, and most grateful for, the excellent staff currently serving the students of Guilford County and look forward to the future with assurance that the district is well poised to continue to strive, achieve and excel.

We will assemble leadership to carry us through the process of finding the next superintendent and will work with the community, parents and staff so that we involve all citizens in the process of finding a leader for the next chapter in the Guilford County Schools.

Meanwhile, we rest assured in knowing that students will be well cared for by our many outstanding employees, volunteers and supporters, who remain completely committed to making Guilford County Schools a district of excellence.

Alan Duncan is chairman of the Guilford County Board of Education. He wrote this column on behalf of the entire board.


E.C. 🙂


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