Grier on Grier…on FOX-8

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. FOX-8’s Neill McNeill did a candid one-on-one interview with Terry Grier on the 10:00 news last night. And ole’ Terry did not hold back, especially when questioned about the ongoing “feud” between the school board and the county commissioners.

Click here, sit back…and enjoy.

After you’re done, click here for the “stuff they didn’t show on TV.”

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6 Responses

  1. This man is shameless. When asked about the botched decision to keep schools open during an ice storm earlier in January, does Grier say “the buck stops here.?” Does he take responsibility, as befitting his ludicrous salary? No, he says the call is the transportation director’s, not his. “Not once have I ever overruled him.” In other words, “don’t blame me, I’m only the guy in charge.”

    This is a guy who, in a just world, would be lucky to find a job selling shoes. And he has been in charge of our children’s education for the past 8 years. It just makes my blood run cold that he was allowed to inflict his peculiar brand of insanity on our communities for this long.

  2. The mantra of GCS should not be ‘striving, achieving, excelling’…it should be: “GCS, always passing the buck.”

  3. Geez, will this guy just leave already?

    It’s bad enough that we’re paying him to work on his San Diego master plan. But now, he’s got to get his shots in at his critics on the way out. Whatever problems the school board and commissioners may have no longer concern him, so I’m not sure what good these comments do, other than allowing him to get in some digs.

    You cashed in yet again, Dr. Grier; you got to leave on your terms and get paid big to do it. Just please take your windfall and leave quietly – and soon.

  4. Oh, and the notion that the local schools are underfunded may or may not be true. But Dr. Grier’s argument doesn’t take into account several factors:

    1. Most of the school system’s funding comes from the state, not the county commissioners. The federal government also provides some funding. The county’s share of the bills is relatively small.

    2. Guilford County is building new schools that are far more expensive and fancy than those being built in neighboring systems like Forsyth County.

    3. Millions of dollars also have been wasted on construction boondoggles such as the one with the Smith Academy.

    4. The school system continues to spend millions of dollars on pointless programs, consultants, “touchy-feely” training and a bloated central office.

    If the school board and GCS administration ever made a real, good-faith effort to trim the fat from the budget and then said they needed more money from the county, I would be sympathetic to their needs. But as long as they continue to spend money like drunken sailors on shore leave, it’s hard to buy their arguments that they are underfunded.

  5. You know, JS, for all of the belly-aching that Grier and Kearns and company are doing about wanting taxing authority so doggone bad…not one of them is postulating at the knees of our Guilford delegation in the state-house; they’re the ones who need to address public school funding. And like it has been said so many times, if GCS can find God…and prove itself to be responsible governmental agency, then I could support a limited taxing authority, with strict caps. But since that will never happen anytime soon, we will have to continue lobbying Raleigh. The continued politicking among the school/county boards is shameless, pitiful, pathetic and embarrassing…I’m tired of it, and the citizens are tired of it. And not one of them seem to get it…so until that happens, they’re going to have to find some way of working together and live in harmony.

    JS is on target, as usual…this isn’t rocket science.

  6. hey, “JS”…what district do you live in? YOU need to run for School board! You and EC would make a great team!

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