Super search gets underway

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Your school board last night decided to officially start talking about a new CEO for Guilford County Schools.

The subject finally came up in the middle of the 10pm hour in what could be described as a rather strange Board meeting (it dragged on until 1am, with a two-hour closed session, chairman Duncan emerged and bad-mouthed County Commissioners, and two Board members were not in attendance).

Apparently, the Board wants to hold a meeting next week to discuss (hopefully in open session) what traits are important in a new school superintendent. The Board also plans to discuss how to hold public forums.

N&R excerpt:

The Guilford County school board also will talk next week about its process for meeting with members of the community and who will find and interview candidates. Member Darlene Garrett suggested hiring a facilitator to moderate the public meetings.

“I really believe we can do this (search) ourselves and not hire a search firm,” said [Anita] Sharpe, who is concerned about the names of applicants leaking to the public.

Ms. Sharpe, who still hasn’t announced her intentions whether she will seek reelection or not, is right on target. I would not support spending this kind of money.

I would even go one step further by slightly disagreeing with Darlene Garrett (which almost never happens). I believe we can find a professor within one of our many universities and see if one of them would volunteer to facilitate such a meeting. How about someone at Greensboro College, which has a pretty good school of education?

HPE excerpt:

The board has said it wants input from the public but will make the final decision on a new hire.
“As we start this process, we need to put our input on the table first on the kind of per­son we are looking for … ulti­mately it’s our responsiblity,” board member Anita Sharpe said at the meeting. “We need to send that message to the public … this governing body will do the hiring.”
Board members want to hold small meetings to gar­ner feedback from different factions of the community.

The Board can simply start here at this blog site:

My op-ed that ran in this week’s News & Record.

The call I put out for teachers to write in with their comments and suggestions.

Community input wanted.


Keep in mind that we still don’t have a plan for Grier’s exit, and whether he will even have a exit package. And since last night’s meeting dragged on till 1am, no one made closing comments, so we didn’t have any reelection announcements from any of the Board incumbents.

E.C. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. “Apparently, the Board wants to hold a meeting next week to discuss (hopefully in open session) what traits are important in a new school superintendent. The Board also plans to discuss how to hold public forums.”

    Do these people not have any idea about what traits are important in a new super? Perhaps, they should announce what traits they think are important, and then have the people comment on those traits. Let’s have them go first, and let’s see what is in their minds. We all know that they know what they want, so let’s dispense with the dog and pony show. Mitch Johnson did that show when they were looking for a new police chief. And, what we learned was that he had already made his decision of Bellamy. How transparent he was, and so will the BOE be.

  2. Stormy, the last thing any of us wants is for this to turn into a dog-and-pony show. But it doesn’t appear that they’re getting off to a good start with this.

  3. I seriously think the ONLY person that could save our school system at this point is Nedo from HPU. …of course he’d probably laugh his a$$ off at the thought of it. That’s the kind of brains we need to turn this train-wreck around.

  4. You know, I have the utmost respect for Dr. Qubein; I’ve met him on a number of occasions. He’s really turned HPU around. He would laugh, but he very well could do it.

  5. I KNOW he could do it. …what’s his salary at HPU? You’d be a hero EC if you recruited some brains to this system. I think you should give him a call! Maybe he’d serve as simply a mentor until we can replace SDS (sandiegosuper)..hey, maybe Nedo could even recommend someone! Other than Nedo, the only person that comes to mind is The Trump. I’m telling you we need a business-savy person to come in here, build some schools and then let the learnin’ begin!

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