Western Guilford High now out of control


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My friends, it seems as though the situation at Western Guilford is now dire, and that school needs our attention now.

This week’s rash of fires, as reported in this morning’s N&R, was only a sampling of some of the other problems at the west Greensboro high school. Remember, we reported back on Dec. 18 that there had already been a series of troubling events there prior to December. Now, it appears as though things are out of control there.

The following is from poster “Big Tuna,” who commented on the other strand (thank you very much for your bravery and courage to post these ‘intel’ reports on what’s going on there–we NEED to know what’s going on, because the spin machine won’t give it to us); I’m reposting it here, because that school needs love, and like Grimsley, like Page, like Southern…like all of our other schools, we’re not giving these places the attention they deserve. School Board members (well, one in particular) seem to be more concerned about the color of the individuals commenting on saving the arts, while another is more focused on playing tit-for-tat politics with the county commissioners.

Priorities, people…

Tuna says:

Erik, this is the latest Western intel report. There was a bomb threat today. Police were called, bomb dogs walked through the school.

The school has been placed on indefinite lock down starting this morning and extending indefinitely. Students can’t be late for classes or they will be “written-up” and referred to the principal. Students cannot leave the class for water or bathroom. If it’s a bathroom emergency, the teacher must call the office and have an administrator come to the class to escort the student to the facility.

All hall bulletin board displays outside classrooms must be removed as two of these bulletin boards were set on fire this week and one scorched the ceiling.

A letter was sent home with all students regarding the incidents of arson this week and does not mention the girl’s hair being set on fire on Wednesday.

I’ll scan and email you a copy of the letter later this evening.


This is a dangerous situation brewing there, and it needs to get fixed now.


UPDATE: 2/2/08, 12:49AM:

WGHS letter Here’s a copy of the letter that was sent out to students Friday, detailing what happened there this week (click on it to see it up close and personal).

Also, we’ve been in touch with GCS Board member Darlene Garrett, who plans a visit there early next week. We’ve extended the offer to help in anyway we can.

E.C. 🙂


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  1. Maybe the kids are all upset because Grier is leaving? …and God Bless Darlene for making a trip over there. If those Board members had even a SMALL brain they’d ALL go over there with her!!!!!! –with our SanDiego Super in tow !!! What the hell is wrong with these people! ? You show the students IMMEDIATELY that this will NOT be tolerated or it’s just gonna become a fun game!

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