Dot’s mad over emailed misinformation about additional arts cuts


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Dot Kearns is mad about an email.

The GCS at-large Board member is in a bit of a tiff over an email that’s reportedly being spread to “disseminate false information about reported additional cuts to art/music next year.”

The fallout over this report from last Saturday’s GCS Board retreat is starting to spread as the Board member told News 14 Carolina a couple of days ago.

Kearns, who has not yet announced her intentions as to whether or not she will seek reelection, tells News 14 that “a middle school teacher” sent out a mass email with rumors about additional art/music cuts at GCS elementary and middle schools.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. News 14 excerpt (with video):

Board member Dot Kearns said it seems the rumor started with a mass email from a middle school teacher. Kearns said the email said the board was looking at cutting back music and arts programs at middle and elementary schools, though the board member claims that is misinformation.

Several of the board members which spoke to News 14 Carolina on Thursday said they have received a flurry of emails since their retreat this past weekend. Most of those messages were pleas from concerned parents and teachers not to cut arts programs.

According to Kearns, the board recently brought in a consultant that specializes in curriculum scheduling for schools, and that at Saturday’s retreat, they merely discussed putting classes and the curriculum on a six-day rotation, instead of on a five-day rotation it is now.

“Well the reason for bringing the consultant in was simply to try to figure out the best use of time in both elementary and middle schools in terms of getting as many arts and music offerings and the required [physical education] and of course to give time for those students who need additional time on task in math and English, those basic core subject, to be able to do that.”


Here’s my thing…I hope nothing happens to this teacher. In fact, I applaud this teacher for having the courage to speak out. Dot’s mad about this email, when she could be putting this anger toward restoring the already-cut time.


UPDATE, 2/2/08, 5PM: In the interest of fair disclosure, I should point out that the Huey for Guilford School Board campaign and had no ties to this mass e-mail campaign and did not forward anything of the like, although if anyone did see or has a copy of it, I’d be interested in seeing the contents of what it says ( It will not be posted publicly.

E.C. 🙂


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  1. Well, if Grier still gave a hoot about GC, that teacher would be outta here….just like the teacher from this same school that got the boot last year because he disagreed with Grier publicly. But since Grier’s heart is in SD, I doubt nothing will happen. Hell, we can’t even control the arsonist over at Western. I have no children at this school where this email originated, but I did see the email. Imagine though, a teacher that sends out an email to parents because they’re concerned about the curriculum…the nerve!!!

    And don’t worry about Dotty. She’ll be okay. She was pretty pissed that day her house was all TP’d and she got over it. I’m thinking it might be time to bring the Halloween decorations out again.

  2. Hey Erik, check out the final paragraph in the News 14 article:

    Board member Garth Hérbert said he thinks, like parents, this new scheduling idea will ultimately cut back on the amount of time spent on arts and music.

    Sounds like it may not be misinformation after all.

  3. Erik,

    Can you please try to find out what happened to the kid who started the fire recently at Eastern? Not the one who burned the school down, but the one that was started this year. I remember seeing his picture on the news.

    Was he suspended? expelled?

    What are the requirements for expulsion?

  4. I remember him, I’ll do some hunting and will see what I can find out.

  5. How can you tell if Dot Kearns is lying? Answer: her mouth is moving.

    If you believe this “we’re just discussing it” BS, I’ve got some great land to sell you….in the Sunni Triangle.

    How many of you reading this post would trust Dot Kearns any further than you could throw a cheesecake under water?

    Come on, people, wake up and smell the half-caf. This is the same lady who backed the High Point “re-assignment,” and then essentially said any parent who spoke out against it was a bigot.

    Things in this school district will not improve until we send idiots like Dot Kearns back to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

  6. John,

    Yes, Dot is the “ethos of slavery”.

  7. I hate the month of February because of Dot Peanutfarmerspeech Kearns!!! Isn’t it about time for her to put on her bulldog face and give us the poor peanut farmer routine? …god maybe this year she’ll do it in a closed session!

  8. EC, I find it very difficult to check your site anymore when Dotty is starring me in the face!!! Please add a new thread and archive her!! I can’t take it!!!!!!! She scares me! The last time I looked her in the eyes she was trying to kidnap my 8th grader! (That 8th grader is now a senior and SHE CAN’T WAIT TO VOTE!!)

    …Keep that in mind EC, all those 8th graders that were forced into a lottery are ALL VOTING AGE NOW!

    See Dotty, that bad Karma’s gonna come back around and bit ya in the A$$!!!!

  9. Bless her heart…stand by

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