New partnership for minority students (N&R)

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GCS, NC A&T State University and GTCC have formed an alliance to sponsor and spearhead a new mentoring program for middle-school black and hispanic children.

Excerpt from a News & Record staff report:

The Cosby Kids program – named for comedian Bill Cosby – will provide mentors to 360 African American and Hispanic children in fourth, sixth and eighth grades to tutor the students in reading, math and science. Students who stick with the program have an opportunity to receive scholarships to N.C. A&T, Chancellor Stanley Battle said.

“The focus is to reach children who are close to being there but need more support,” Battle said.

The program will also work to with parents who want to earn high school and college diplomas with GTCC’s help.

“That was a critical piece for me,” said GTCC President Don Cameron, explaining how Battle convinced him to participate in the program.

Other components of the initiave include teacher training and summer and after school programs.


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2 Responses

  1. This is fabulous, sort of…. Did Deena approve of it?? She’s VERY against selective programs that single out only one race, ya know. It’s too bad that ALL kids that need tutoring don’t get it though–no matter their color.or ethnicity. Here we go again with teaching according to color. This has to stop. I know Bill Cosby’s message and it’s good but what about the white, Chinese child that needs mentoring?–he’s SOL right?

  2. I know a lot of white children and multiracial children that could benefit from it too. Again, you take the words right out of my mouth, Beth. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but we need to make sure all of our children are being served.

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