Stifling Public Comment is Wrong It has been brought to my attention late yesterday that GCS Board chairman Alan Duncan is trying to stifle public thought on the issue of art/music cuts in schools. This makes me cringe.

In fact, I have credible evidence from reliable sources that say that on at least one occasion during a recent GCS Board meeting recess, Duncan went up and sought out an arts supporter sitting in the gallery and told this individual “you all are repeating yourselves…we’ve heard you…we’ve been hearing you…ease up on the advocacy.”

This is in reference to the many arts supporters who have spoken eloquently on the issue of keeping art/music in our schools.

Duncan will probably deny it if he is asked about it in person, but if this is true, he (as an attorney) should know better.

The GCS administration may think they can slip things under the rug and hide things behind the public, but citizens and taxpayers know better.

Plain and simple, if these clowns think they’re going to get a bond passed, they’re sorely mistaken. The games must stop…they’re not funny anymore. You’re playing with the lives of children.

E.C. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. You see, Duncan’s time is too precious to waste on hearing what the parents have to say…..get it, EC?

    I’ve seen on many occasions where Duncan feels the need to reprimand the audience during meetings. One time I and several others were NOT permitted to decline our speaking time so that a very nice speaker could finish her comments. There was a person that passionately speaking and her time ran up, so I and several others spoke out that we would like to allow her to have our 3 minutes and I thought Duncan was going to deliver a baby! He would not allow it.

    He is like a little kid that during a game tries to change the rules. You know that clapping isn’t allowed at board meetings, right? If you have the desire to show emotion at meetings you are only permitted to wave your hands quietly in the air, even this would get Dot, Alan, Deena and others to roll their eyes in a tizzy!

    Really, going to a school board meeting is like getting soup from the Soup Nazi! I stopped going because it’s not about the students anymore–not sure if it ever was. But you’re gonna change all that EC, right?

  2. Yeah, I’ve heard about this, too, and it’s shameful. Whether or not the board finds it tiresome, members of the public has a right to express their opinion.

    Of course, if arts supporters took Duncan up on his offer and stopped speaking out, he and other board members would say, “Well, people obviously don’t care about the arts. If they did, they would be here speaking in favor of them.”

    Don’t fall for that trick. If you feel an issue is important, keep speaking out about it. It’s the American way!

  3. Oops – should’ve typed “members of the public have a right”.

  4. When Alan gives the rules and regs, I feel like we’re in church sometimes…with the waving of the hands. It’s silly, if you ask me. As I said, I will be supporting someone else in the chairman’s chair after I’m elected. Duncan’s time is up, I’m afraid.

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