Bond Committee Forms

This, from the Guilford Education Alliance:

Grassroots Bond Committee                                                                                 

The grassroots committee works with the steering committee to carry out the campaign to approve the school bonds that will continue the improvement of the county schools. It is the third bond in a comprehensive effort to bring school facilities up to the level they need to be and to construct/expand schools to meet the needs of a growing enrollment. At the end of this campaign, 86 of the 115 schools will have had one or more projects. Activities of the committee include: yard signs, letters to the editor, speaking opportunities, organizing events and information sessions, poll work, or phone calling and behind the scenes work.  Interested individuals can contact the Grassroots Committee chair, Anita Bachmann at  She will be happy to answer questions and discuss ways that individual can be involved.


They really need a wing and a prayer to get this thing passed. I wish them luck.

E.C. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Anyone remember who led the 2003 bond campaign?

  2. Was it Marti Sykes?

  3. I can’t wait to see the spin machine crank up with these bonds.

  4. I hope the pro-bond campaign doesn’t take the low road of suggesting that anyone opposed to the bonds is anti-public schools and anti-children (as Terrina did in her post on The Chalkboard).

    The issue is far more complicated than that and this issue needs to be debated rationally, not with name-calling.

  5. I agree, JS. Welcome to the home of rationality.

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