Student to SRO: “don’t tase me, bro”



News & Record reports that a student was tasered and arrested at Northeast Guilford H.S. today by Guilford County Sheriff’s officers.

Here we go.


A Guilford County sheriff’s deputy used a Taser today on a Northeast Guilford High School student, who was later arrested.

Jonathan Richardson, 17 and a senior at Northeast Guilford, was taken to the Guilford County jail on three charges, all misdemeanors. His bond has not yet been set.

The incident, which took place before 11 a.m. Wednesday, is the first time that a Guilford County sheriff’s deputy has used a stun gun inside a public school since the sheriff’s office issued them to school resource officers nearly two years ago.

Capt. Phil Byrd of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office said the school resource officers from Northeast middle and high schools saw four high school students in the parking lot acting suspiciously. The deputies brought the students into the resource officer’s office in the high school. One student refused the deputy’s attempt to search him for weapons and stuck his hand in his pocket. Deputy C.T. Sluder, the school resource officer at the high school, then used the Taser on the student.

None of the four students was injured. Sluder suffered a bruise on his right arm.

Byrd said deputies can use a stun gun or pepper spray to gain control of a potentially dangerous situation. In this case, he added, it was impractical for the deputy to use pepper spray in his cramped, enclosed office.

“Pepper spray would have gotten everyone in the room,” Byrd said. “That wasn’t a good option.”

Richardson, of 4614 Mallard Creek Drive, Greensboro, faces three charges: assault on a law enforcement officer, obstruct and delay and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. The other three students will not be charged, Byrd said.


More from Allen Johnson-N&R.


UPDATE, 2/7/08: second day story in today’s N&R; click here.

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