“Super” Search: more N&R letters

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An interesting Letter to the Editor in today’s News & Record begins our coverage today, along with a Counterpoint, who’s writer agrees with Jeri Rowe and disagrees with me (that’s okay):

 CEO superintendency needs to end in Guilford

Enough of the CEO superintendency, please. Enough of only data-driven performance outcomes!

Let principals and teachers be leaders and educators, not only managers and test prep bureaucrats. Of course, that means giving them responsibility.

Enough of the love-in with business. Enough with patronizing community and parents.

More of building connection with community and parents. More of a school board acting democratically on behalf of the governed. More of a school system recognizing democracy ain’t the problem but the solution. More of local media that keep the district’s feet to the fire.

More of a world where schools are a public service on behalf of the children and not data-driven enterprises in search of corporate support.

Steve Flynn


 Begin superintendent search right now

The following is a Counterpoint:

By Randy Yardley

I agree with Jeri Rowe (“Wanted: Guilford’s next superintendent,” Jan. 29), and I disagree with Erik Huey (“New board should choose superintendent,” Jan. 29). Rowe says to hire a new superintendent for Guilford County Schools who is creative, is involved with the community, and knows that kids are not corporations. Rowe knows what he is talking about.

Huey wants the board to wait until he can step in and help make the decision as a new board member. Why wait?

The current board needs to show the leadership that it was elected to provide to the citizens of Guilford County. An interim superintendent may be needed until the next superintendent is hired, but nothing should stop the board from beginning the hiring process.

Certainly not an election for a new school board.

Terry Grier will be out of here by July 1 at the latest, and while he may devote his full efforts to the Guilford County Schools before that time, the current board members should not simply await his departure or their replacements.

The current board can start the process in whatever way it seems fit, but it should include citizen input in its attempts to identify the best candidates for this demanding job. The board should also recognize that it has interested and innovative leaders within the school system from a range of disciplines who should be consulted for input on the type of leader who can best do the job.

The process to find a new superintendent should begin today. Our students, our teachers and our staff don’t need to wait.

The writer lives in Greensboro.


While I see the point Mr. Yardley is trying to take, my thinking was this…if we have a lame duck Board of say…3-4 Board members (possibly Cooke, Childs, Kearns–possibly Sharpe), who may or likely may not be running again, I’m just not so sure if they’re of the right frame of mind in terms of helping to conduct this search. Statements in recent weeks from some of these individuals confirm that (Kearns–“Guilford County was an ethos of slavery.”)

Now I may be wrong. But I can’t wait to listen to tonight’s discussion on the subject.

E.C. 🙂


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