Ballot Filing Begins Monday

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Despite no announcements during last night’s Board meeting as to which incumbent will be jumping into the race, Guilford County ballot filings begin this coming Monday, Feb. 11 at noon.

My announcement…and my ballot filing is imminent.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement to include a specific date and time as to when that will occur. I will be making a press splash and I want as many of our supporters there as possible when this campaign becomes official.

E.C. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. I dare Dot to run. In fact I want her to. I don’t EVER want her to say she “retired” from the School Board. I want her legacy to be that she was not longer WANTED on the School Board and she was voted outta here!

  2. I would love for her to run; it would be one HECK of a race! Remember, the incumbents are running on their records.

    But remember what I said before…if anyone out there in the county is preparing to file, you’re more than welcome to make your intentions known here, on this website…even any of the incumbents. Free of charge.

    This site is averaging 250 visitors daily! You WILL have a platform.

  3. Oh, the thought of seeing Dot lose just makes me GIDDY!!!

  4. Beth, the reaction “giddy” can be best described as how I will be come election night. More or less…relived and heartfelt. I’m watching the Board meeting replay right now, and there’s just a certain “dullness” that some on our board have…just dull. No enthusiasm, no excitement. That has to change…

  5. EC, Dont be in a rush to file. Maybe nobody will run in your own district. leave it to the last day!

    Be smart.

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