David Crawford to run at-large

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From the up-to-date election filings over at the Guilford Co. Board of Elections…

David Crawford of Greensboro filed today as a candidate to run at-large for the GCS Board. Crawford recently ran an unsuccessful campaign this past fall against Greensboro City Councilman Mike Barber when Crawford dropped out of the race. Crawford eluded at the time that he was eyeing Congressman Howard Coble’s seat.

Welcome to the race, and good luck.

E.C. 🙂


9 Responses

  1. It sounds like he just wants to hold an elected office.

    I’ll bet he has no experience to run for the school board.

  2. Truthfully, friend, how much experience do the ones already on the board have, even after several terms? Experience is way over-rated. It’s about oversight skills, knowledge, judgment, and good decision-making. Many of the ones on the board may say that they haves years of experience, but in reality they have one year of experience repeated many times over.

    This is why we can not count on the school board making a good hire for school superintendent, because many of them are not qualified for their positions.

  3. stormy you are absolutely right, i agree with you 100%

  4. But who’s Crawford? Does he have kids in the system? Where was he when Grier was trying to bus my kid across town? And c’mon, do you want to be in the city council, school board or Howard’s seat? Crawford does not scream at me, “I’m here for your children”…I hear: “I want an elected position–for whatever reason”…I worry about the person that runs from board to board trying to win a seat.

    I know where EC has been for the past year or so. He’s been watching this current Board of Ed. run our system into the ground. He has a child in the midst of it. He’s a dad and a man that cares. Did you see EC trying to win a council seat last year?–no. Did you see him allude at taking Coble’s seat (laughable that anyone would ever beat Howard anyway)–no. Nope, Ec’s been right here all along saying he wants to be here for our kids. I say let him do it. He’s got my vote and I know he’s in it for the long haul.

    Thanks EC for speaking up so long ago and so loudly that you’re here for us.

  5. Thanks jwg,

    That’s exactly what I thought: He’s a “seat seeker”! Here’s a quote:

    “Why have you chosen to run for this office?
    I love the run for the office.”

    Nice comment. Also he’s ran (unsuccessfully) for offices in Forsyth county! He just likes to RUN for offices!

    ….also, he says he went to “collage”….nice. …LOL!!

  6. yep…it appears it is that David Crawford, whose MySpace page says he wants to run for City Council again in 2009.

  7. Yeah, it appears this guy has no clue about the unique challenges and issues that a school board must face. He just wants to win a seat somewhere – anywhere – it seems.

    It may be true that experience is overrated when it comes to elected office. It’s also true that some of our current board members have plenty of experience but precious little wisdom. However, school board members must deal with some pretty complex topics. You can’t just jump in and expect to contribute – you have to know something about education.

    The school board badly needs some new blood, but Mr. Crawford isn’t the answer.

  8. J.S.,


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