Sharpe retires, Childs “surveys”, Dot doesn’t know

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Morgan over at the N&R confirms long-time GCS Board member Anita Sharpe (Dist. 5) will not seek reelection and will retire off the board after 17 years of service.

Via the Chalkboard:

Anita Sharpe, who has represented district 5 for the past 17 years, said she will retire from the board to spend more time with her job and grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Dist. 1 Board member Dr. Walter Childs tells the N&R:

He’s surveying constituents to see if he has done an effective job representing the district.

“If I have not (served effectively) I’ll help them find someone,” Childs said. “I don’t believe in staying in something if you don’t have the support of the district.”

Please let us know if you’ve been “surveyed”…and what you’ve told him.

And Dot…well, she still won’t say a thing! GCS at-large Board member Dot Kearns still hasn’t decided whether she will run again, according to the N&R. Perennial seat seeker David Crawford filed today to run for the at-large seat.

Reliable sources tell this campaign Darlene Garrett will file in the coming days for reelection.

Back to Sharpe…even though I disagreed with some of her votes as of late, she has been an open voice for parents and teachers and  has served her constituency well in a growing area of South Greensboro/Southern Guilford County. We wish her well.

Since this creates a vacancy in Dist. 5, I’m sure many of you are watching…and waiting what my decision will be as far as my filing intentions. I will have that decision…and announcement very shortly. Stay tuned.

E.C. )


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  1. Want my two cents, Erik? You should file for the District 5 seat, not the At-Large seat.

    I know a lot of folks would love to see Dot get beat, but let’s face facts – she’s a political institution in Guilford County. She will be extremely difficult to beat, as she’s got so many advantages – name recognition, the support of the Democratic Party and the Simkins PAC, experience running a county-wide campaign, a deep war chest of campaign funds, etc.

    Winning a District seat is much easier, particularly for a political newcomer like yourself. You don’t need to raise nearly as much money as you do to run countywide.

    Plus, the District 5 voters have a track record of electing sensible school board leadership (and a BIG thank-you to Anita Sharpe for her 17 years of service. She has been a true champion for the people.) I think you will find a great deal of support in your own backyard.

    And once you are on the school board, the District 5 seat carries just as much weight as the At-Large seat. I say, “E.C. Huey, District 5 Representative” has a nice ring to it.

  2. JS: you join a GROWING list of folks who are telling me the same thing.

    I am listening to all of the advice…very closely. I hear you all, and thank you all for the advice and the kind words. My heart is very heavy because of all of the support you’ve given to this movement over the past year.

  3. Erik,

    A smart person once told me that if you want to run for public office on at-large basis, you have to be well-known or have a lot of money. Which are you? If neither, “Huey for 5” sounds about right.

  4. Seen my checkbook lately? It’s not pretty. We’re working class here…or “looking for work”–ing class. But I aim to give my daughter the very best, and that is what she deserves.

  5. I’m still waiting to be “surveyed”……..

    …….what’s Walter doing, calling his constituents? Is he holding a public forum?….going door to door??? What?? ……………..

    …………………………………………………still waiting………………………

  6. Maybe he’s waiting on people to call him…

  7. Sadly, District 1 (which represents most of High Point’s African-American neighborhoods) has never had a vigorous, outspoken leader on the school board.

    That district badly needs an Amo Quick. I don’t agree with Amos on everything, but he does his homework and fights for what he believes to be right. He is a passionate advocate for education, particularly in his district. You will never see Dudley High School get jerked around the way Andrews has been as long as Amos is on the board.

    I’m sure Dr. Childs is a nice, intelligent man. But his tenure on the school board, like that of his predecessor (the late Garry Barnett) has been one of “Go along to get along” politics. You can pretty much bank on Dr. Childs to go along with anything Alan Duncan & company come up with. That’s not what Guilford County or District 1 needs.

    So if he asked my opinion, I would say, “Thank you for your service, Dr. Childs. But I think it’s time for you to step aside and let someone else serve.”

  8. “Dot doesn’t know”….boy, that just about sums her up pretty well!

  9. Teacher,

    The bigger problem is that not only is there a lot that Dotty doesn’t know, but rather than there is a whole world of things that she doesn’t know that she doesn’t know.

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