I don’t support amnesty, I support discipline



Several stories have come out over the last couple of days referencing parents and “community leaders” who are asking that suspensions…be suspended in the wake of the December fight at Grimsley H.S.

Allen Johnson at the N&R makes a good point on his blog:

I understand these parents’ concerns. And I hope these parents were as involved and concerned about their children before the violence that thrust the school into a state of fear and chaos.

I also agree that mediation is a good idea to resolve the differences between the rival neighborhoods. And the students need to learn a hard lesson about the consquences of violent behavior.

But I can’t automatically support all of these students returning to Grimsley. Some may be better served in an alternative school setting.

I agree. Rolling back suspensions in a blanket manner would equate to amnesty, and I don’t support that. When the process of education is disrupted in order for a score to be settled, I have a problem with that.

That said, I think some sort of mediation is in order, and I applaud Grimsley CARES, who are trying to do much good within. But considering how out-of-control our schools are now, how would ever teach our children right from wrong if we say ‘it’s not okay to fight, but it’s okay in this situation?’ I don’t agree with that.

E.C. )


2 Responses

  1. If anyone at any level forces Grimsley administration to rescind the suspensions, then it’s all going to break down. Any perception that the schools can maintain order will wash away. Actions have consequences. In this case, they were known beforehand.

    This is about responsibility. You broke a BIG rule. You pay a BIG consequence.

  2. Sing it, sister! I agree, Sue. There is an epidemic of violence in the Guilford County Schools. Amos Quick, Walter Childs and Deena Hayes are in abject denial of the problem. Discipline and order must return to the campus. Grimsley absolutely needs to let these suspensions stand as a stern consequence to this kind of behavior. The message should be clear: “Settle your turf wars someplace else.”

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