Schools Draft Design Guidelines (N&R)

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Why haven’t we been doing this all along?

In another example of why all construction/real estate matters should be taken out of GCS, the district apparently has a three month window to draft new design guidelines for new schools.

Three months…wow.

Thursday’s N&R points to the fact that they want this done in time for the May primary, when the mega-Bond is supposed to hit the ballot.

N&R excerpt:

Guilford County Schools officials hope to start meeting with about 200 educators, parents, government leaders and others in March as it drafts design guidelines for new schools.

The district’s facilities department has less than three months to develop these standards before a May 6 school construction bond referendum.

“It’s a relatively tight time frame so we’ve got to stay on task with it,” said Joe Hill, the district’s facilities consultant.

The department has hired New Orleans-based Planning Alliance to coordinate the process; the school system is paying the consultant $80,000. The firm’s director, Sue Robertson, will oversee the workshops, starting in early March, Hill said.

Planning Alliance has developed specifications for several North Carolina schools, including Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Lee and New Hanover counties

The specifications would define standards for class sizes, athletics facilities, technology and other areas.

The district also intends to update its seven-year-old design guidelines, which focus on infrastructure, including heating and cooling systems, plumbing and roofs.


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