School Crime Cover-up–Monday at 11

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This is a report apparently GCS does NOT want you to know about…and it is set to air tomorrow night at 11 on CBS-2.


11 Responses

  1. Where has this report been for the last 8 years?

  2. It’s an election year.

  3. …and the Suspension Nazi is packing…..

  4. I will be impressed with this report if Mickens poses questions on camera to Terry Grier, Amos Quick, Deena Hayes, Dot Kearns and Alan Duncan. All of them have much to answer for. Grier, for hamstringing teachers to properly suspend troublemakers so as to artificially make the suspension data look favorable. Quick, Hayes and Kearns for being in denial about violence and gang activity in the school and Duncan for being a complete wimp as chairman. Put ’em on camera, make them accountable. If they won’t appear on camera, go old-school Mike Wallace on their asses. Catch ’em on camera going into the office or getting into the car. It’s time we made these clowns sweat a little bit. The media in this town is a joke. They are more interested in happy talk, American Idol, and Greg Kerr’s latest exercize fetish. Julie Luck has network hair, Tanya Rivera has dimples to die for and Rosemary Plybon has spectacular choppers, but we need substance. We need a watchdog media. I’m hoping this report will hit ’em where they live.

  5. Dang, I feel outta the loop–who’s Greg Kerr?

  6. I am looking forward to seeing this — it sounds exactly like the kind of report we need around here. Better late than never.

    For years, we’ve heard about principals being pressured to keep suspension numbers low. As a result, classroom discipline is at an all-time low point.

    How can teachers be expected to teach when the administration and school board are more interested in projecting a positive image than in maintaining safe classrooms?

  7. Greg Kerr is New’s 2 sports anchor and resident mimbo.

  8. Mimbo, huh? I didn’t know that was an actual word. but, I guess that it fits.

    This expose can not be very long as it is part of their regular broadcast. Is it Sweeps Week?

  9. It is a Sweeps story, that’s the sad part; they save the true garbage stories for sweeps time and an important story like this one also gets built up and saved for sweeps.

    John is spot-on, that’s why I usually watch News 14 Carolina.

  10. Unfortunately, they all hold stories that they think will be heavily watched until Sweeps Week. It’s money in the till. It helps their advertising department immensely.

    I just hope that it is well-developed and worth watching.

  11. I thought it was a very good. It should have parents around the County up in arms.

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