Dot’s little party was a flop

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. So GCS Board member Dot Kearns…well, not Dot herself, but the GCS Board’s Legislative Committee (of which Dot plays a major part)…the Committee hosted a luncheon yesterday for Raleigh’s Guilford delegation…mainly to gather steam and traction in an effort to pass HB1740–the Taxing Authority bill. (more previous coverage found here)

But the party poopers were the guests themselves…apparently, most of our delegation is not fully on board in support of this bill. Not to mention many on our County Board are not in support of the Bill either.

Two sets of votes were cast Tuesday night, one to get the GCS Board to support 1740; that vote actually failed. Then a second vote was cast to support the “concept” of taxing authority. That vote passed with two dissensions (Amos and Deena).

Both Dot (I don’t know if I’m going to run for re-election or not) Kearns and Kris Cooke had choice words for both the Board and the County Commissioners. See, they think having taxing authority takes the Co-Co’s out of the equation entirely, but it doesn’t. They’re bad mouthing the ones who continue to hold the purse strings for the time being.

The saga continues.

E.C. )


3 Responses

  1. This tells me that Dot will most likely run again. I can’t see her stepping down from her throne–uh, I mean Board Seat, leaving work unfinished. She stood by those peanut farmers and she’ll do the same for this cause. She’s on a mission….I disagree with her mission but you can’t stop Dotty. She has a need to save the world–well, at least her little world anyway (Emerywood). Go Dot Go.

  2. “The debt service on the bonds will be whatever they will be” — Dot Kearns when asked to comment on how much property taxes would increase if the school bond passed. That shows that she really doesn’t care much about taxpayers, as long as she gets he millions for the schools. Of course she cares about peanut farmers, I guess. But, it’s for the children, you know.

  3. I think it was the Rhino that once said

    Dot Kearns has never met a tax increase she didn’t favor.

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