It’s your turn on the Bonds

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Now it’s your turn to sound off on both the Eastern Guilford H.S. Bond and the big mega-Bond. They both will be on the May 6 ballot.

Whether it is a “yes” or a “no” vote, I will respect the decision of the citizens. I do support the EGHS bond, but I will not actively work to defeat the mega-bond. If it goes down in defeat, it will do so on its own merits (or lack of).

From today’s N&R:

GREENSBORO — Scores of public school boosters helped convince county commissioners to put three education-related bond packages on the ballot this May.

If Thursday night’s county commissioners’ meeting was any indication, voters should expect to hear this spring from passionate parents and community leaders who want real schools, not trailers.

Boosters and detractors spoke out about the spending packages before commissioners agreed to place a total of five bonds on the May 6 ballot.

Here’s a look at what people said and how the commissioners voted.

Guilford County Schools, $412.3 million

For four new schools, 13 renovation and addition projects and upgraded athletic facilities to eight high schools.

What they said: This bond boasted the most supporters. Sharon Shepherd of Jamestown said her research has shown that one in four students in Guilford County learns in trailers. Brick-and-mortar schools are a much better investment, she said, because they last longer.

Clarence Davis of High Point said Andrews High School desperately needs new air conditioning, something the bonds could supply.

Said Margaret Arbuckle, executive director of the Guilford Education Alliance: “The need of 10 years ago is even greater today.”

Only one person, Leon Nutes of Greensboro, spoke against putting the bond on the ballot, saying he wanted more information on how the money would be spent.

How they voted: 9-1 in favor. Commissioner Steve Arnold voted against it. Commissioner Melvin “Skip” Alston was absent for all the bond votes Thursday night.


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