School Crime: GCS to “investigate”

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Turns out, GCS is playing defense again and plans to launch an investigation into how school crime numbers are filed and reported as a result of the CBS-2 report shown Monday.

This from CBS-2 WFMY:

Greensboro, NC — Guilford County Schools has launched an investigation into its school crime reporting practices.

It’s a reponse to a 2 Wants to Know Investigation that found nearly 100 crimes the district failed to report to the state.

Our investigation discovered the numbers don’t add up.

We found cases of sexual assault, robbery even bomb threats police reported, but the system did not.

The district’s school safety officer hopes to find out why.

Tony Scales says he’s requested the dates, times and locations for sexual assaults and robberies that occurred on school grounds.

If it turns out police recorded a larger number of offenses, Scales says he’ll ask principals why the numbers don’t add up.

Here is a statement from a school spokesperson about the district’s investigation.

“The GCS School Safety office has requested information on certain reported crimes from Greensboro and High Point Police Departments and the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department to determine if crimes have been committed on the district’s campuses that GCS was not aware of, and subsequently, not reported. GCS has requested dates, times, exact locations and any victim information that can be legally released. We will report our findings to the community and Board of Education once our analysis has concluded. Meanwhile, the district is developing a set of procedural action items for principals to follow to ensure accuracy and completeness of reporting.”

Source: WFMY News2


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2 Responses

  1. Let’s start with the sexual assaults. That makes me livid that they happen in the first place, much less, don’t get reported! Our schools are institutions for LEARNING and what we’re finding is that they are playgrounds for crime!!!.. and boy what fun that must be when it’s not even reported!!!! The ONLY time GCS ever “launches and investigation” it when the know they’ve screwed up–AGAIN!!!

    Right, let’s give these idiots taxing authority and billions of bond money, they’ll turn the entire system into one bigass brothel!!

    Sorry for the language but I have had enough of our public schools. San Diego Super is leaving at a good time. He stirs the pot, pisses in it, then high tails it outta here.

  2. E.C. –

    I see taxpayers are passionate about safety. But, I want your contingency to know that the ‘full disclosure’ issue remains because Grier cannot leave GCS without a pre-negotiated golden PR Parachute.

    These crimes remain unreported simply because image and money – not quality education and school safety – are the ultimate goal of every politician.

    How much more money would be lost if frightened parents moved GCS students to Raleigh, Charlotte, or out of state? How would that attrition translate to taxpayers in Guilford County – or San Diego for that matter?

    Cover-ups happen because Administrators are afraid of backlash and unbalanced budgets. In the meantime – children – the ultimate victims of these crimes are left unheard and unavenged.

    Why are Administrators so afraid of their own shadows? If you get fired, chances are you weren’t a good fit for the job or on the rigth side of the issue in the first place.

    So not to sound obviously disguested with the situation I might point out that this is a wonderful time for GCS, teachers, and students because there is so much room for improvement and great success.

    The Board is changing – and where I wish Dot Kearns would live forever, too – the academic environment she knew as a student and educator has long been replaced by something unfamiliar to many Board Members, Central Office Administrators, and near-retirement Educators.

    It is imperative that we receive strong positive leadership based on justice, dignity and a broader-focus. Only then will GCS contribute to a successful global economy.

    We cannot hope for any progress until we flush out the cowards and skewer the perpetrators. This type of under-rug-swept issue is appalling.

    I hope the parents are considering pressing charges.

    Anyone that has experienced gross personal negligence knows that those involved with their child’s lack of protection cannot be tolerated.

    – P.A.

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