Dot to Retire?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. BREAKING NEWS…

Doug Clark at the News & Record is reporting that at-Large GCS Board member Dot Kearns will step down and retire off the Board at the conclusion of her term.

This is big.


Like many High Pointers, I’ve known Dot Kearns for a very long time as a lady with a tender heart and tough hide. Except for a couple of years, she’s held public office since 1972 — on the High Point Board of Education, Guilford County Board of Commissioners and consolidated Guilford County Board of Education.

Kearns is announcing today she won’t run for another term this year. At 76, she’s ready to slow down and devote more time to visiting her out-of-state grandchildren.

This news will prompt celebrations among her critics, but not me. Although I’ve disagreed with her about a number of issues, I’ve always admired her honesty, her courage and her devotion to the causes she values. After all these years, it’s time for someone else to take her place on the school board, but I’ll rank her as one of the most dedicated elected officials I’ve ever encountered.


This changes very little. I’m still going to file before the end of the week, if not before. My strategy may change somewhat, now that it is an open seat, but I’m looking forward to the race.

Ms. Kearns has served the citizens of Guilford County for a number of years. I wish her the best. I think she made the right call in stepping aside and making way for new (hopefully younger) leadership on the Board. It’s the right time.



This staff report in today’s N&R:

Dot Kearns not seeking another term on school board

Dot Kearns has decided not to seek another term as an at-large member of the Guilford County Board of Education, according to an e-mail sent to friends and the media today.

Kearns, 76, has been on the 11-member board since its 1992 inception. Prior to that, she served for 10 years on the High Point school board and eight years on the county’s Board of Commissioners.

“In truth, I had not planned to run the last two times,” Kearns said Monday. “But I wanted to be sure there were others (planning to run) who had some of the same hopes and aspirations for the school system that I do.”

Kearns said there are candidates running for the seat who fit that description – “one in particular” – and that made her decision easier. She would not name her choice, but said “perhaps we could revisit that later.”


Hmmmm…wonder who that could be…


Further, from Doug Clark:

She issued this statement a little later this afternoon:

Many of you with whom I’ve worked over the years:

This message is to share with you my intentions not to file for another term on the Guilford County Board of Education.

Over the last weeks I have been in conversation with several potential candidates whom I find to hold similar beliefs about the imperative power of public education in a democracy and who hold similar hopes for building a strong effective Guilford County School System as I hold. With that knowledge, I am comfortable to leave the At-Large Seat in new and vigorous hands.

I am indebted to the citizens of High Point, Greensboro and all of Guilford County for allowing me to serve as their representative on a Board of Education and the County Commission for many years.

We have an especially wonderful county. Nonetheless, there are on-going challenges – many of which can be best met by the continuing development of a vibrant public school system – designed and implemented to meet the needs of all our diverse student and family populations.

My hope is that county wide, citizens will give the new At-Large School Board member feedback and positive support as so many have given to me.


It’s going to be one heck of a race!

E.C. )


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  1. Michael McKinney looks to be your competition, Erik. He appears to have close ties in Greensboro with some interesting people.

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