Dot’s retirement and my thoughts on a Huey versus McKinney versus Crawford matchup Just because you hand-pick someone for your seat does not guarantee victory.

Dot Kearns announced yesterday she will not seek another term as the at-large GCS Board member (see today’s coverage from the High Point Enterprise here). I applaud Ms. Kearns’ decision to retire and I wish her the best. It is time for new leadership for the GCS Board, and as I’ve been saying all along, it is time for younger  better yet, smarter leadership among our elected boards.

But this is not a beauty contest or a prom or homecoming king/queen competition. The best candidate will be victorious and victory is not guaranteed.

That said, here are some thoughts:

Last night’s meeting of the School Climate Task Force proves new leadership is needed on this Board. Thankfully, with the exit of three Board members, the entire dynamic will change.

There will be a May primary for the at-large race. There are two candidates in the race so far.

I would have liked to see more candidates file for the Childs seat and see some competition for the Cooke seat. Of course, it is only Tuesday.

I will be filing before week’s end, and when I do, I will announce a major endorsement. That announcement will come this Friday.

Despite this being a three-person race going into the May primary, and soon to be a two candidate race going into November, some strategies will change.

I’m not as concerned about David Crawford as I am about Michael McKinney. A potential Huey versus McKinney matchup would set up an interesting race. If McKinney is Dot’s so-called hand-picked candidate, he would still have to go before the voters.

It is not a beauty contest, no one is guaranteed victory here.

But the race will be about endorsements, and the issues. Mainly the issues.

We will have to raise money. We will begin doing so after Friday.

We have a lot of advantages going into the election. Timing…I announced my intentions in late November, 2006. This website opened December of 2006. We just passed the 32,000 visitor mark. We have a lot of parents and teachers already on board. We have some student support. A number of you have expressed that you’re ready to hit the ground running to help in whatever way possible.

The race will be exciting.

E.C. )


4 Responses

  1. Don’t dis the mature folks, EC.

    “…it is time for younger leadership among our elected boards.

    No, it’s not necessarily “younger” leadership that has a worthy vision. It’s “smarter” leadership that we need. Age is not and should not be a sole factor. This is twice you’ve mentioned it and that, my friend, is a pattern 🙂

    I don’t worry what someone looks like – or any other physical characteristic. I want to know what s/he STANDS for and is willing to fight for. Don’t you?

  2. No dissing going on at all, in fact, it is younger coupled with smarter, to slightly clarify my remarks.

    There are a number of mature leaders in our county, and no disrespect is intended.

    But I’ve said for a while that there are a number of young professionals in town (who haven’t left yet) who are ready to become involved in public service if given the chance. Differing viewpoints will allow our county to become better, both from an economic and an educational standpoint.

  3. Age was definitely a contributing factor to Dot’s decline as a board member. But, look at Nancy Ruth, a spring chicken in the thinking category if you ask me…but not our Dotty. Age was taking a toll on her, that’s for sure.

    Like Sue, I also don’t care how many birthdays a board member has had, I do care though when they become so senile that they cannot distort fact from fiction, and they begin to think we’re still in the era of slavery….Dot needed to snap out of her fuddy-duddy thinking, and that I believe was attributed to her age. She needed to retire. Yes, her heart was always with the kids, but her mind was slipping… Our kids deserve better, whether it be young or old, they need someone to start speaking up for their education. When oh when will our school board just be about education?

    Whether or not Dot thinks she’s “hand-picked” her replacement has no bearing on how I’ll vote. In fact, I would tend to vote the opposite of her recommendation based on the fact that she many times forgot that she was an “at-large” member. ..if she’s thinks replacing herself with the same type of thinking is the best for our kids, then we’re not really getting any new thinking at all.

    I’ve looked for information on Mr. McKinney and can’t find a thing. Does he have children in the system? In High Point?To me that is very important.

    I hope someone will host a candidate forumlike there was a few years ago when Mr. Herbert and another fella ran against Dot. It’s really the only way to see the candidates up close.

    Like others, I will not scrutinize your every word EC. At least you are putting yourself out here for us to get to know. I can’t say that for any other candidate.

  4. And Ramon, that’s what I’ve tried to do for the past two years. That’s one notch in the plus column for us…where has Mr. Crawford and Mr. McKinney been for the past two years? Do they have children in the GCS system? Do they go into the schools and classrooms? Do they sub? Are both of them willing to open up a website and blog about the issues?

    Mr. Crawford’s MySpace page still says he’s running for Congress…or City Council.

    Like you said, Ramon, let’s have some debates and let’s have some good conversations on the issues that matter most, then let’s let the voters decide.

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