A four-person race

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From the up-to-date election filings over at the Guilford Co. Board of Elections…

Greensboro resident Sandra Alexandra filed today for the GCS Board at-large race. With me filing tomorrow morning, it now sets up a four person race going into the May primary (Alexandra, Huey, Crawford and McKinney), with the top-two going to November.

Don’t forget the press conference I’m having tomorrow morning at 11:45am in front of the old county Court House on W. Market Street. All are invited.

E.C. )


5 Responses

  1. I’m disgusted that you cannot find information about these people!

    There should be some rule that you MUST have a blog or website to run for office! God Bless America that anyone can run and Lord knows we need new blood on the School Board but why would someone just add their name to the ballot and not have some way for the voters to understand who they are!?

    If I have to I will call each of these candidates at home and interview them over the phone, I will! I’ve done that before and I can remember talking to Walter Childs during his dinner time. It’s amazing the feel you can get for a person by calling them at home. …btw, my gut instinct was right on about him.

    Thanks again EC for exposing yourself to the public in plain view! I hope your transparency pays off. It would be very sad indeed if one of these people got voted in because they had some political machine backing them. Yes, this happens, just ask Dorothy Kearns.

  2. Well, Mr. Huey certainly has an online presence.

    Is Sandra Alexander the same as Dr. Alexander who used to teach English at A&T? Wow, wouldn’t THAT be something!

  3. Sue,

    I checked out the board of elections filings and it is Sandra Alexandra (not Alexander).

    There is no Sandra Alexandra registered to vote in Guilford County.

    Can you file for a seat and not be a registered voter?

  4. Very sad indeed if this person isn’t a registered voter. Sometimes I think some people just use small boards (city councils, school boards, etc.) as a stepping stone to bigger political ambitions. How sad for the kids in the system when this happens. I’m not saying Ms. Alexandra is doing this but…how would we know? I can’t even find her in the white pages!

  5. Well, anyway there’s really only 3 candidates. I don’t even consider Crawford (the seat-seeker).

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