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From the up-to-date election filings over at the Guilford Co. Board of Elections…

Jamestown resident Erik “E.C.” Huey today filed as a candidate for the GCS Board at-large seat. Huey, who publicly announced his intentions almost two years ago, will face four other candidates in a May 6 primary. Huey has widespread support among both teachers and parents, along with local advocates for public education.





Almost two years ago, I stood at a spot not far from here, and publicly declared my intentions to run for the at-large seat on the Guilford County Board of Education. Almost two months ago, I returned to that spot to reaffirm my candidacy.

Well, what a difference makes with the passage of time.

Now that the February filing period has drawn to a close, we have now passed another milestone in this grass-roots effort to take back our schools.

Today, I am here to announce my official entry in the race for the Guilford County Board of Education where I am seeking the at-large seat to be vacated by outgoing Board member Dot Kearns.

And while I wish Mrs. Kearns the best in her difficult decision to retire from public service, coupled with the current superintendent search, 2008 will provide a golden opportunity for Guilford County Schools.

In December of 2006 when I originally announced my intentions to run for this seat, I challenged the status quo running Guilford County Schools to stop busing our children, to stop the wasteful spending of taxpayer money, to be smarter with regards to school construction, to do something about student achievement before Judge Howard Manning yanks our schools away from us, to get serious about cracking down on school violence and lack of discipline in our schools and classrooms, and to get serious on granting real whistleblowing protection for teachers and staff who wish to voice work-related complaints in their schools.

Unfortunately, our schools are worse off today than they were in 2006. Since the beginning of this school year, we’ve had several well-publicized incidents which have resulted in arrests. The recent GCS School Climate Task Force final report uncovered the many lapses we have in our schools with regard to safety and security.

When school board members openly questioned why a new proposed high school should cost nearly $88 million to build, they received a rather cold and condescending reception by GCS administrative staff.

With a nearly half-a-billion-dollar school bond referendum looming, it will ultimately yield more debt, which is already spiraling out of control. Race-baiting continues to be alive and well on our school board. Real whistleblowing protection for employees continues to be lacking, and as we’ve seen, teachers are administratively thrown under the bus if they blow the whistle and voice a complaint in their schools. And now principals are allegedly threatened if they report too many safety incidents in our schools or suspend too many students.

Some on our school board continue to push busing our students to schools across town instead of advocating for neighborhood schools. Cultural arts programs in our schools continue to be scaled back in favor of teaching our children how to pass a two hour test.

A lot has happened with respect to this campaign. Today, I’m proud to announce that my campaign site and blog has logged more than 33,000 visitors. My blog has become one of the fastest growing political and education blogs among Guilford County’s blogging community. My blog was recognized last year by the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation for being a “must-read” for information on public education in Guilford County.

I declared in 2006 that it is time for a change in our schools. And since then, many have answered that call and have joined my campaign.

I’m proud to announce that many teachers from various schools across the county have voiced their support for this campaign. I’ve been meeting with teachers countywide on a regular basis since this campaign began, and I expect that to continue right into Election Day.

We’ve already picked up support from various families of GCS Advanced Learning and Very Strong Needs students. I have begun working closely with SAVE GCS ARTS, which is advocating for the immediate restoration of music and art instructional time in our elementary and middle schools and the reinstatement of the GCS cultural arts coordinator position.

I’m also proud to announce the mutual support from GCS Board member Darlene Garrett and GCS Board candidate Paul Daniels.

In addition, many among Guilford County’s blogging community have publicly announced their support for this campaign.

With many challengers in the primary race alone, this election is critical. We cannot rest and we do not have the luxury of time to waste. Our children are at stake. Our children are our future. Until these aforementioned issues are dealt with, GCS will continue to fail our children.

I’m here to tell our county’s public school children, all 71,000 of them, that help is on the way. I’m here to tell the 10,000 employees of Guilford County Schools…that help is on the way. I’m here today to tell the citizens, taxpayers, business owners, community leaders, and others who care deeply about public education in Guilford County, that help is on the way.

This is a real grass-roots movement and the task ahead of us is great. Our only interests are those children…our children. For our children are indeed our future.

Please join me so we can take back this at-large seat and return it properly to the people of this county. Join us so that we can have a renewed spirit of cooperation and focus, so that our schools will get back to the business of educating our children and educating our future.

Thank you. God bless you. And May God continue to bless the children of Guilford County.

E.C. )


7 Responses

  1. Congratulations Erik on those truly inspiring remarks! You have definitely set yourself apart from the status quo BOE Candidate.

  2. AWESOME! It’s a great feeling to see you as a REAL candidate–finally!! Get those buttons distributed!

  3. I’m officially on board.

  4. Proud of you and your potential for bringing good change to GCS. Much luck!

  5. Fantastic!

    Let the games begin!

    Where can I buy my button?

  6. Congrats Eric,
    I was with you two years ago. You still have my full support!

    Will there be a primary?

  7. Yes there will be, and I can’t believe there are four others in the race. The race will be exciting, thanks to all of you for the thoughtful words and well-wishes. I will need them all.

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