Now it’s a five-person race

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From the up-to-date election filings over at the Guilford Co. Board of Elections…

Greensboro resident Alan Hawkes filed this morning for the at-large GCS Board race. Hawkes is a former member of the Guilford County Planning Board and a former County Commissioner candidate who at one time challenged former commissioner Bob Landreth. Hawkes currently is listed as a sitting member of the NC Charter School Advisory Committee.

Don’t forget that I’m announcing my filing this morning at 11:45am (about two hours from now) in front of the Old County Court House. All of my supporters and well-wishers and curious onlookers are welcome to attend, as well as interested press.

E.C. )


2 Responses

  1. I seriously can’t image anyone wanting this seat more than you, EC. This latest person to file first wanted to be a commissioner, and didn’t win. I appreciate someone that just wants to sit on the school board and make our school system a better place. I’m not at all impressed by seat-seekers.

  2. Congratulations on the official filing!

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