Here’s the ballot, according to the N&R

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Today’s N&R calls me a “self-promoter”…that’s a new one. I’ll take it.

Here’s a snippet of their “ballot preview:”

Ballots in the primary May 6 and the general election Nov. 4 will determine who runs your school system, writes state laws and has the power to send you to jail.

An early look at some of the choices you will face:

Guilford County Board of education

* KEY RACES: District 3, incumbent Darlene Garrett versus Mike Stone. … At-large, with candidates Sandra Alexander, David Crawford, Alan Hawkes, Erik “E.C.” Huey and Michael McKinney.

* WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Candidates have similar platforms, including pushing for better financial transparency and management of school construction and improved student discipline.

Huey, a former teacher and reporter, has been a self-promoter, stating his intention to run in November 2006, speaking at school board meetings and increasing readership of his education blog.

McKinney, a commercial banker, may have the most business connections of the at-large candidates, having served on boards with Guilford County Planning, the United Way of Greater Greensboro, the Triad Real Estate & Building Industry Coalition and Bennett College.

Crawford ran unsuccessfully against Mike Barber for Greensboro City Council last year. Hawkes, who serves on the Greensboro Academy’s board, has run for the Guilford County Board of Education three times but has never held a seat.

* NOTABLE: Garrett ran against Stone in 2000. … Anita Sharpe and Dot Kearns will retire, each serving more than a decade. District 1 incumbent Walter Childs will also leave to pursue ministry and appears to have hand-picked his successor, J. Carlvena Foster, executive director of the Carl Chavis Memorial Branch YMCA in High Point.


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E.C. )


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  1. I noticed the “Self-promoter” comment, too. I took it as the first of what likely will be many digs from the News & Record.

    Erik, don’t expect any support from the N&R. In fact, regard them as the enemy. They are supporters of the status quo on the school board, as exemplified by Alan Duncan (their attorney) and Dot Kearns.

    Just warning you — don’t expect a fair shake from them.

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