Happy Birthday Dr. Suess


Your humble host was proud to join scores of schoolchildren across Jamestown and their parents, parent volunteers, GCS teachers, representatives from the NCAE/GCAE and local pols Monday evening at the historic Jamestown Public Library for the annual “Read Across America” event to honor Dr. Suess’ birthday.

Below is a photo I shot of outgoing GCS Dist. 5 Board member Anita Sharpe reading to a group of children, including my 7-year-old daughter Alexandra (sitting on the end in the rainbow shirt):


Outgoing GCS Board member Dr. Walt Childs was there; I joked with him as to whether I would get his vote or endorsement…he, in turn, asked what I thought my chances were. “We’ve got a good feeling,” was my reply.

Board chairman Alan Duncan was there, he and I exchanged pleasantries, along with County Commissioner and democratic State Senate candidate (Dist. 28) Bruce Davis.

GCAE head Mark Jewell was there, along with GCAE staffers Ray Riffe and Nancy Wilkinson.

With arts and crafts and dancing and food, it was a good time to be shared by all.

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E.C. )


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  1. Great picture of the kids, EC! It’s odd to hear of so many BOE members at a school function. Even at graduation ceremonies you are lucky to have one maybe two present. Why were so many there for Dr. Seus?

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