Grimsley assistant principal resigns (N&R)

From the N&R:

Kevin Miller, assistant principal at Grimsley High School, resigned from his position Monday for personal reasons, according to a statement by Guilford County Schools.

Miller, 45, was hired Aug. 31. He previously served as a teacher, curriculum facilitator, assistant principal and principal in Connecticut schools before coming to Greensboro, according to the school system.

Steve Hodgin will serve as interim assistant principal by March 18 until a permanent replacement is hired. Hodgin also served as an interim principal at Eastern Guilford High School in the spring of 2007.


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  1. Do you think it might have anything to do with his inability to suspend/discipline students who are in need of such?

    When he was hired, he probably wasn’t told of the “do not suspend” mandate of Grier.

  2. Eric, do you know why he left CT to come here?

  3. Good question, Sue.

    Principals and APs are always being recruited nationwide to come to little ole’ Guilford Co.

    And friend, it might have been the reason. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. It may also be that he had 5 investigations opened against him for innapproppriate relationships by the Connecticut Dept. of Children and Families. Google his name along with East Hartford and check the results.

  5. When I hire someone, I always google the person first. Now, not all information on the internet is accurate, but if you see a pattern emerge, it might be time to thoroughly check out the allegations.

    Wouldn’t you think that Peggy Thompson, Chief of HR, could do that?

  6. The incompetence shown in hiring Kevin Miller could have endangered our students. Someone needs to be severely reprimanded or even fired over this. We cannot be negligent when it comes to the safety of our children. Once a child’s innocence is lost, it’s gone forever!

    Although no criminal charges were filed in this case, we all have seen how this inappropriate behavior usually escalates. I hope and pray his resignation occurred before any of our students were affected.

  7. This is a sad, sordid affair — and one that could easily have been avoided with just a minimum of due dilligence from Guilford County Schools.

    Don’t these administrators realize they aren’t manufacturing widgets? They are entrusted with the safety of our children. This lack of adequate scrutiny and incompetence needs to be addressed.

    Cathy is right: someone needs to be held accountable for this fiasco.

  8. Google Kevin Miller and East Hartford, CT or East
    Hartford High School. You can also find information at the Hartford Courant website: and search for Kevin Miller.

  9. haha, i’m a student at east hartford high….you know, the place he left in CT, and i thnk this whole thing is hilarious……..he came into our school trying to be a hard ass (pardon my french) telling us that there were gonna be big changes and that there was gonna be a lot more disciplinary actions taken………he said that he was completely against public display of affection and that even hugging people in the hall would mean a detention, then a suspension, etc. So then he goes and drives this girl to school………more than once………and said that if she gets her grades up he’ll take her out to dinner………..soooooo this guy is a friggin creep and school’s should probably do background checks before hiring teachers and principals otherwise we’ll have pedofiles running our schools……… kids in candy stores

  10. I’m a student at EHHS and when Kevin Miller was fired, it was really disappointing to expose the hiring procedures of our town, and to see that no one cared about his previous incidents in New Haven, etc.

    Superintendents and Board of Educations should be able to access all previous violations, etc. They have plenty of access through the internet especially where they easily could have pulled up articles about his behavior. I agree that something needs to be done with those who hired him, in my own town, but unfortunately, I don’t think anyone was ever blamed.

    I am sorry to hear that he was hired somewhere else, and I hope he didn’t hurt anyone. In the future, I hope he never gets hired in a school situation, or any situation where he has access to students/children.

  11. well, talking about knowing somebody’s background information, I think it is safe to say that we have all filled out job applications and isn’t there a section there that talks about criminal records and things against your record? Do educational figures just skip this step of the application process. I also wonder how this guy made it through being in the military and is happily married!? He has obviously found a way around the justice system that we use to convict people like him and needs just one thing put on his record that shows him doing these things and he will be done for good. the fact that no charges have been placed on him of which he was found guilty of is the problem that is allowing him to keep getting jobs of this nature. It is legal for an employer to ask an applicant about his past criminal charges, and if that applicant lies, they will not get hired and somebody like Mr. Miller would be put on the no hire list for schools all over the country if he was a registered sex offender


    \”How\’s my driving?\” -Kevin Miller 2007

    \”Hey, wanna eat out tonight?\”

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