More on Sonya Conway going to AMEX

From Morgan over at the N&R Chalkboard:

Sonya Conway, executive director of district relations for Guilford County Schools, will start work with American Express’s Greensboro service center on March 17. Conway became head of the district’s communications department in 2004 after working with the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. Her last day is Friday, March 14, coincidentally the same official last day as Superintendent Terry Grier. sonyaconway.jpg Conway will work for American Express as a director of public affairs and communication. Conway said she wasn’t looking to leave the district, but said the new job will benefit her long term growth and development.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity,” she said.

Conway, in tears, told me last night her work with GCS was the most awarding work she has ever done. School board members congratulated her at last night’s meeting.


I wish Sonya well also. While at Andrews a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to have some interaction with her periodically. She was very professional in my dealings with her.

Now, for some editorializing…there are very very very very few public relations/communications/public affairs-type of professional positions in this area. Those opportunities are extremely limited here and what few open positions there are in this field command competitive salaries…and they get flooded with resumes when a position like that opens up. I was a journalist/PR person for a number of years; I should know. For example…when a communications/writing job became open at one of our local colleges about a year ago, they received some 80 resumes for one position.

It’s the perfect example of how our brain-drain works, when a Raleigh or a Charlotte would siphon off our best and brightest young talent because we don’t have a plethora of these types of jobs here. Sad and discouraging.

So when a PR opportunity like that rolls around, it’s good. And I wish Sonya well.

As I’m a regular reader of the Sunday want-ads unfortunately, I remember seeing the GCS ad for Sonya’s position a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t put two and two together until now.

Of course, I’m a troublemaker, so GCS would never hire me for Sonya’s job, even if I wasn’t running for a school board seat.

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E.C. )


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