Overhaul HR Now!

BALTIMORE–The e-mails and comments have been pouring in surrounding the mysterious resignation, and now, out-of-state investigation of former Grimsley H.S. assistant principal Kevin Miller.

And rightly so.

But this is not the only time this has happened where proper screening and background/reference checks have not been properly conducted by the HR office inside GCS. That office clearly needs overhauling. And I would strongly implore that someone on the GCS Board call for an investigation. Someone on the Board, in my opinion, needs to put chief HR officer Dr. Peggy Thompson on the hot seat and find out what is going on and why things went south here.

And it could not have happened at a more tender time at Grimsley. GHS continues to need much love and despite the sudden transition there, we owe it to those children to return the sense of stability there.

Link to Friday’s N&R story here.

Link to Chalkboard blog entry here.

Link to Doug Clark’s blog entry here.

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E.C. )


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  1. Erik, thank you for posting this. You “get” how truly alarming the imcompetence shown by HR on this is, whereas news outlets don’t seem to be making a big deal out of it.

    A recent post by a teacher on the Chalkboard claims that his/her references were never checked and he/she was allowed to start teaching before a backgound check was completed. Unbelievable!

    You have my vote. You seem to be the only candidate who sees how bad things really are within the GCS Administration and you give me hope that we can turn it around. Board Members have to be able to see problems clearly in order to fix them.

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