Candidate Forum April 15

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On the eve of early voting, I just received and proudly accepted an invite to participate in a BOE candidate forum, set for Thursday, April 17 …Tuesday, April 15 at 7pm (note, change in date).

The event will be held at the new Northern Guilford H.S. auditorium, 7101 Spencer Dixon Rd. in north Greensboro.

The NGHS PTSA is hosting the event.

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E.C. )


3 Responses

  1. I thought that campaigning was not allowed on school property. That is the very reason that past forums were held in alternate locations. I guess our new milion dollar schools have different rules.

  2. I have never heard of this and know that a forum has been held at other schools in previous years. BTW, the date has had to be changed to April 15th. A PTSA is suppose to advocate for quality education and I would think that letting the voters know what each candidate stands for would be appropriate. All candidates are being invited from District 3 and at-large.

  3. There’s nothing in local or state statutes that prevents forums from being held at a school that I’m aware of. Many events and meetings are regularly held at our schools. In fact, the need to bring the community into our schools is a recurring theme I hear everywhere I go. Why in the world wouldn’t we want these events in our schools?

    Within reason and with the safety of our students in mind, why can’t the schools be accessible to the public. A partnership to allow access to the media centers, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and meeting facilities would be beneficial to the schools and the public. Think about the school SRO having the ability to respond to community issues that directly impact the students. How about a partnership with a medical clinic to provide services to students, facualty, and the public. Could the library be a joint venture between the schools and their communities?

    The ideas are just about endless, but the school system has got to get on board and realize that if they continue to exclude the citizens from the schools that they will struggle to gain support for any initiatives. You simply have to think outside the box and think about making our schools a center for community learning.

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