Inside the Oz & Becoats Show

 The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Your News & Record (through the Chalkboard) posted the links to the contractual details for the GCS interim chiefs Sharon Ozment and Dr. Eric Becoats.

The real skinny on Ozment…and her resume

The real skinny on Becoats…and his resume


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5 Responses

  1. From Xerox Operator to CFO! The All-American Story.

    The sad part of her resume is that she has worked for GCS her entire career.that makes her the human equivalent of a one trick pony. At least she could have worked for another school district in her career. This makes you very narrow in your perspective.

  2. Why did she leave Charlotte?

  3. STET.

    Why did HE leave Charlotte and what difference does it make if she works for GCS? Her Educational Pedigree is plenty convincing in my book.

    I just find it interesting that we’re looking at the same dream ticket line-up as the National Election. Boy makes good and girl is studious and steadfast.

    Both are long suffering.

    That is striking.


  4. Stormy, I normally agree with you, but I have to disagree about Ozment’s tenure in one school system.

    To me, a big part of the problem with education is the “Gun for Hire” mentality that school boards have when it comes to hiring superintendents. That’s how we end up with leaders like Terry Grier, who bounced around the country from one district to another before coming here.

    These “hired guns” have no ties to our community and no loyalty to our schools. They’re always looking to pad their resumes for the next big payoff.

    I think Sharon Ozment is to be commended for her loyalty to the Guilford County Schools, through good times and bad. I have no idea if she’ll be a good interim superintendent or not, but I do think her heart is here in Guilford County.

  5. Where is the learning expertise and knowledge of effective teaching that a leader such as Becoats surely needs or the expertise in interpreting assessment and assessing curriculum needs? This is puzzling that he is a selected instructional leader and has so little academic background in instruction and assessment.

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