Pro-Bond group gets a couple of plugs

Yesterday’s High Point Enterprise gives some space to the pro-bond group.

HPE Excerpt:

Melvin Swann, a former school ad­ministrator and community volunteer, Greensboro College President Craven Williams and Chris Greene, a well­known High Point civic and community leader and education advocate, have joined together to lead the Bonds for Schools Campaign. The group includes individuals from across Guilford Coun­ty, including business leaders, elected officials, parents and community volun­teers.
The campaigners hope to garner support for two school bonds – one that will raise $45 million to rebuild Eastern High School, destroyed in a 2006 fire, and a another for $412 million to build five new schools as well as renovate and upgrade 15 others.
The bond supporters say the campaign will focus on helping voters understand how school construction money will take care of needs all across the county. They plan to distribute yard signs, can­vass neighborhoods and speak at local forums in favor of the bonds.
Greene, a retired teacher, said the campaign’s aim is to make the public aware, despite their complaints with the school system, of the need to provide adequate facilities for children. “I don’t mind listening to complaints. This is not about the superintendent, this is not about the school board and this is not about any of the gripes one might have with the school system … it’s not about any of those things,” Greene said.
“It’s about the big picture of educating kids in Guilford County so that they will be the best educated kids in our coun­try,” she added.


There’s also a plug on the N&R Decision 2008 blog for its website.

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One Response

  1. ““It’s about the big picture of educating kids in Guilford County so that they will be the best educated kids in our coun­try,” she added.”

    No, it’s not. Building schools of brick and mortar have nothing to do with educating kids. Kids can learn in mobile cottages, if they have good teachers and have a safe and sound class room environment. When this school district shows that they can actually educate, then we can discuss a huge raise in our taxes to provide brick and mortar class rooms.

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