The Oz & Becoats Show starts Monday Grier & Co. is no more…after today.

He’s cleaning the last few drawers out and has his “box” probably all packed and ready to go. And waiting in the wings to transition are our interim co-chiefs, Dr. Eric Becoats and Sharon “Oz” Ozment.

Are they ready? Are we ready? They tell Morgan in today’s News & Record that they don’t intend to lose momentum.

N&R Excerpt:

Sharon Ozment and Eric Becoats, the district’s co-interim superintendents, say they expect the state’s third-largest district will be in stronger shape when they hand the leadership over to Terry Grier’s replacement.

Today is Grier’s final day as schools superintendent. He accepted a similar job with the San Diego Unified School District two months ago.

“Some people can see this as a time where you let up, or a time where you can look for excuses and people can say, ‘Oh well, these are co-interims,'” said Ozment, chief finance officer. “We have no intent to let up. If anything, we intend to press all the harder because the goals are still there, the challenges are still there, and the 70,000-plus students in Guilford County deserve our best effort.”


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  1. Who knew that they were having a double secret probation send-off bash for Grier at Northern? Did they really think that they could keep something like that secret from the public? Well, given this group’s track record, that’s probably right. Also, who was the private party that funded it? And, was it really funded by a private party? Would Jim Melvin using Bryan Foundation funds be a good guess?

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