Melvin thanks Grier

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Former GSO Mayor Jim Melvin “thanks” San Diego Supt. Terry Grier for his years of service to the Peoples Republic of Guilford County in a LTTE in today’s N&R.

And “The Liberal Conservative” has some choice words for a commenter.

Has anyone found out yet if “TLC” is allegedly former GCS Board member Marti Sykes (according to rumors)?


Foundations thank Grier for school system progress

Four local foundations that work closely with the school administration on several improvement programs for Guilford County Schools thank Terry Grier for his energetic, innovative and dedicated performance on behalf of our children during the past eight years. Our schools have made progress in several major categories every year since Dr. Grier has been superintendent.These programs include reduction of the achievement gap, innovative programs, success in reducing dropout rates, greater retention of teachers, increased Advanced Placement and Baccalaureate programs, performance by our brightest students who outperform their peers nationwide and more.

When leadership challenges an organization to try the sometimes unknown and untested to make improvements, everything attempted does not always work but the overall results can be positive. We would like to thank Dr. Grier, the staff and all the teachers in Guilford County for their very productive work on behalf of our children. We all continue our commitment of working with the new superintendent and the staff toward helping make Guilford County public schools better each and every year.

Jim Melvin

The author is president of the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation. The letter was also signed by Susan Schwartz, Cemala Foundation; Cathy Levinson, Toleo Foundation; Skip Moore, Weaver Foundation.


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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10 Responses

  1. TLC had those one on one sit-downs because she is a former school board member. Members of the school board’s legislative committee would have those kind of sit-downs. TLC also has demonstrated a strong knowledge of school bonds, as if she had been a member of a school bond marketing committee. A certain former board member is infamous for her surly attitude in dealing with parents and taxpayers with which she disagreed. Connect the dots.

  2. “Our schools have made progress in several major categories every year since Dr. Grier has been superintendent.”

    This sentence in the letter rubs me the wrong way because it simply isn’t true.

    The academic track record during Dr. Grier’s tenure has been a mixed bag — up one year, down the next; up in one area, down in another. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve credit for doing some good things. But let’s not pretend that he was some sort of miracle worker.

    I just don’t get the “Cult of Terry Grier”. Upon his departure, he’s received a private reception, a letter from community leaders, a glowing editorial from the N&R. I’m halfway expecting the City Council to change the city’s name to “Griersboro”. I certainly wish him well in the future, but why are some making such a big deal about his departure?

  3. Terry Grier was brought in by the economic development forces in Greensboro to “fix” the lousy image of the Guilford Country Schools. The 1999 McKinsey Study that was commissioned to determine what factors were retarding economic development and preventing attracting employers to relocate to Greensboro. Fixing the image of the public schools was one of the needs, along with some others, such as making downtown more attractive (thus, the new baseball stadium). Grier was a hired gun brought into fix that image, and he received tremendous support from Action Greensboro, along with cover from the News-Record. You will recall that Action Greensboro has been placing advertisements in national media proclaiming the worthiness of GCS, at great cost, which could have better been used in actually improving the reality of the schools than tarnishing the image of them. So, it appears that a decision was made that Terry Grier’s shelf-life had expired here in Greensboro. How else can you explain him leaving a job that compensates him at $372,000 annually and taking a much more difficult job at $269,000 per year in a location where the cost of living is tremendous? They had to send him off as a conquering hero, didn’t they? He had to leave with an “image” of success.

  4. I remember McKinsey…it was still fresh on everyone’s mind when I landed in town for the first time in Feb. 2000 as a young cub reporter for the Triad Business News and High Point Enterprise.

    And look what has happened in almost 10 years…our schools are still lousy, economic development is still stagnant, we still have a severe brain drain because degreed young professionals with kids (like me) are not going to want to work a $9/hour part-time service job (they are going to look to Raleigh and Charlotte and other major metros), and as a result, our economic development pros still cannot attract an abundance of companies that will properly diversify our economy.

    A lot more needs fixing around here besides GCS, although GCS is a major start.

  5. …Add rampant crime, corruption in local government, high taxes to the above list…we’ve got issues!

  6. That’s a great point, Stormy. Grier was brought here by the “Greensboro Establishment” (Action Greensboro, the N&R, the School Board, etc.) So they have a vested interest in portraying his tenure as a shining success. Otherwise, it looks like they goofed in bringing him here in the first place.

    I hope the next superintendent is chosen with more input from the general public, rather than a handful of “leaders”, most of whom were never elected in the first place.

  7. just saying,

    Don’t count on it. The Establishment must ensure that Grier’s replacement will adhere to their agenda and do their bidding, and he/she will be handsomely rewarded with our tax dollars for doing so.

  8. Erik,

    Speaking of Action Greensboro, one of the big players on the fixing of the school image with Action Greensboro was Marti Sykes, before she was elected to the school board. She ran the 2003 bond marketing committee, and she is a member on the new one. Her fingerprints are all over this.

  9. She is NASTY.

  10. Many people in High Point can give personal witness to the truth of that statement, me 2.

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