Training Principals to Be Instructional Leaders (edWeek)

Another live chat from our friends at Education Week magazine:

Training Principals to Be Instructional Leaders
When: Wednesday, March 19, 3 p.m., Eastern time
Submit questions in advance.

Please join us for this online chat to discuss how principals can learn to team up with their teachers in a collegial quest to build top-notch instructional skills.

Nationwide, policymakers increasingly argue that shifting the principal’s role from building manager to instructional leader is a key part of improving students’ academic achievement. But relatively few districts have defined what instructional leadership looks like and tried to put it into practice.

The Norwalk-La Mirada school district, in suburban Los Angeles, is trying to be one of the few. It’s training all 29 of its principals as part of a partnership with the University of Washington‘s Center for Educational Leadership. With coaches from the Center, groups of principals visit classrooms, observe instruction, discuss its strong and weak points, and plan concrete feedback to help teachers improve.

For background, please read:
“California District Makes Instructional Leadership A Priority,” March 12, 2008.

About the guests:

Stephen Fink, the executive director of the Center on Educational Leadership at the University of Washington, is a former assistant superintendent, principal, and special education teacher in Washington state.

Ginger Shattuck, the superintendent of the Norwalk-La Mirada school district, is a former elementary school teacher and principal, and director of elementary education in the district.

Submit questions in advance.

No special equipment other than Internet access is needed to participate in this text-based chat. A transcript will be posted shortly after the completion of the chat.


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