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I’m excited to announce the debut of a brand new sister blog this weekend:

Triad Job Watch


This will be a place to vent and rant and opine about the stagnant employment situation in our area and for citizens to lean on each other and help each other.

This will be separate from my school board/education blog and will be more personal and intimate and frank…because it is past time that we have a frank discussion about our local economy.

As someone who has been unemployed since September, I remain very concerned that many of our young people will be unable to find jobs should they decide to stay in this area after college-life.

The brain-drain we continue to have in this area is growing rapidly, and our so-called economic development professionals aren’t responding as quickly as we need them to be.

These big job announcements aren’t coming as quick as we would like them to, and they’re being drowned out by continuous announcements of layoffs and company shutdowns.

When you’re unemployed, with a college degree, with a family to support and the only jobs that are plentiful in the area are service jobs paying $9/hour, there’s a disconnect somewhere. Suddenly, you look at things from a whole-new perspective.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there’s a reason why Raleigh and Charlotte continuously pass us by economically. We need to work a lot harder and a lot smarter to bring serious companies in to give our young professionals a chance to build a successful future here. It can’t be done on service jobs paying minimum wage with no benefits.

Coming this weekend…please add it to your RSS feeders and bookmarks!

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E.C. )


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