MOVE-ing forward (HPE)

The Central High School group MOVE (Men of Valor Excelling) provides black, male students a “vehicle” to change negative stereo­types they face in the classroom, says organizer Richard McGoogan, a teacher at Central.


Today’s HP Enterprise covers MOVE (Men of Valor Excelling), a program designed to address negative stereotypes black male students face in the classroom and community. Very good piece.

HPE excerpt:

 A new community group wants to encourage young, black male students to “fix” some of the most press­ing issues of their generation.
Central High School teacher Richard McGoogan, who created the MOVE (Men of Valor Excelling) program, said he dis­covered that the students simply needed a vehicle to help them address negative stereotypes they face in the classroom and community.
“A lot of them want to have a voice but didn’t have the vehicle. They know things are wrong or not right … and we have a lot of kids who are in agreement with the negativity that comes from violence, cursing and misbehavior (in school),” McGoogan said.
“Kids are afraid and not saying any­thing because they have so many things coming against them. But this group teaches them to be proud of being smart, making good grades and standing for what’s right,” he added.
McGoogan hopes to expand MOVE to other schools and community groups by partnering with the Greensboro-based nonprofit The Resurrection Project. The aim is to help youngsters be proactive in fighting against violence, crime and oth­er negative influences in their neighbor­hoods, communities and schools.


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