Testing Changes Proposed (DPI)

http://www.ncwiseowl.org/erate/images/DPI_logo1.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The State Board of Education plans to vote this week on proposed changes to state school testing standards, and they will have an effect on teacher bonuses.

Today’s News & Observer:

In a potential financial windfall for teachers, the state is about to make it easier for educators to get bonuses and for schools to pass federal testing requirements.

The State Board of Education will vote this week on whether to eliminate the results of several new exams expected to have low passing rates when determining whether teachers will get bonuses. The change likely means teachers will get millions of dollars more from the state than they would have if those tests were counted this year.

The state board will also seek federal permission to use lower standards to determine whether a school is complying with the No Child Left Behind law.

A state board committee will discuss the changes today. A final vote is scheduled for Thursday.

“We’re going through a transition year,” said Lou Fabrizio, director of accountability services for the state Department of Public Instruction. “It’s hard to equate with prior years.”


…in a nutshell:


* Don’t include end-of-grade reading exams for teacher bonuses or for the No Child Left Behind program.

* Don’t count fifth- and eighth-grade science exams in state or federal programs.

* Don’t count new end-of-course exams in Algebra II, biology, chemistry, physical science and physics for teacher bonuses.

* Use a five-year instead of four-year high school graduation rate.



And speaking of those 5th/8th grade science exams:

Last year’s pilot science exams in fifth- and eighth-grades didn’t count. But you can go to www.dpi.state.nc.us/ accountability/ and click under Hot Topics to see school-by-school results. 


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  1. It is important to understand that there have been some real long term reliability and validity issues with the current testing program. Much meaning has been given to the current test results that now proves to me unfounded. The NC Blue Ribbon Commission recently report on the lack of pertinent information these test yield.(http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/sbe_meetings/0801/accountabilityfinalreport.pdf) This is not an issue that individual teachers can logically be held accountable for since they did not create these tests, the standards on which the test is devised to measure, or determine the scoring procedures/protocols.

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