//a252.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/13/m_5f1bbd7fabcb1be4c9287409547905fb.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. It just came to my attention that a fundraising letter I sent out a couple of weeks ago didn’t transmit properly, nor did it get to all of its intended recipients. Thus, I’m posting it here.


The campaign for putting our children first is officially underway!

We have begun in earnest with presenting our case why the citizens of Guilford County should support Erik “E.C.” Huey for the at-large seat on the Guilford County Board of Education. And time is of essence.

With the prospect of being faced with a five-way race, not only will we continue to focus on the issues that matter to you, we’re also faced with competing for exposure. Remember, early voting begins in only one month a couple of weeks!

This is one of the few times that we will reach out to you for your support and donation. As many of you may know, my campaign is in the midst of a major fund-raising drive. To run a successful countywide campaign is not cheap. And the first hurdle is doing well-enough in the May 6 primary to make it to the final finish line in November.

Compared to our opponents, we have a very good shot of victory in May.

Judging by some of the numbers I’m seeing, we need to continue the exposure of our campaign. A combination of yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, fliers and maybe a small media buy would be the bare minimum of what we would need to have in the way of campaign paraphernalia, and we’re probably looking at about $1,500 to spend off the top.

Some donations are beginning to trickle in, and please accept my fondest and sincere thanks if you have already sent in your donation. But if you haven’t, please take a moment and click the “donate” link below to send in your offer of support, so that we may begin putting our children first in Guilford County.

And remember, this campaign is not about fundraising, it is about making sure all of our children will succeed in fiscally-prudent safe neighborhood schools, with abundant supplies, resources and manpower.

Thank you very much for your continued offers and words of support for this campaign. Whether it is a monetary donation, or an offer to host a coffee or a fundraiser, or an offer to pass out fliers at the polls, any offer of support for this grass-roots effort is welcomed and appreciated.

And thank you for all you do for the support of our children.

God bless you, and God bless the children of Guilford County.

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E.C. )


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