New GCS chief could be hired by summer

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N&R reports a new superintendent of schools could theoretically be in place this summer.

During an untelevised midday meeting with the GCS Board and executive search firm Ray & Associates, the Board said it wants to hold interviews with finalists by mid-June, a date that could be expanded to mid-July.


“I think we can accomplish this in the June time frame,” said William Newman, regional search director for the firm Ray and Associates of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The board also decided to schedule five public meetings throughout the county from April 14 to April 21. That would give enough time for the board to include community feedback in the superintendent profile it develops for candidates.

Big mistake for this meeting NOT to be televised.  Nonetheless, we will help publicize these meetings and we will provide our feedback.

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  1. I see the board has not learned from its past mistakes. Rushing to make decisions has cost them dearly before. In fact, we are still paying for rash decisions…

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